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Be a Happier Parent or Laugh Trying

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This isn't that parenting book. You know, the kind that makes you feel utterly inadequate and convinced you’ll probably mess up your little humans.

Instead, author, speaker, and mom Betsy Kerekes describes with unabashed candor and hilarious anecdotes that it’s not about being a “better” parent, it’s about being a happier one. Not when your kids are older, not when your kids are easier, but right now. Today even.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover in Be a Happier Parent or Laugh Trying:


  • Be happier by learning to let go.
  • How to be a good parent, even when you’re not feeling it.
  • How to have fun with kids--even your own!
  • Defusing tantrums doesn’t require a Ph.D.
  • Discipline is not a dirty word.
  • When kids tidy up, something amazing happens –besides seeing your carpet again.
  • Wrangling kids at church is totally doable and worth it.



Betsy Kerekes is coauthor with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of 101 Tips for Marrying the Right Person and 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage. She has contributed articles to Aleteia, MercatorNet, Catholic Lane, Catholic Exchange, Catholic Mom, The Southern Cross, The Christian Post,and Creative Minority Report, and has been a frequent guest on Catholic radio nationwide. Kerekes is editor and director of online publications for the Ruth Institute. She homeschools her children and writes about her experiences in motherhood at Find her on twitter @BetsyK1.



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