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101 Tips for a Happier Marriage

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Insights from marriage and family scholar Jennifer Roback Morse combine with the stories of young mother and wife Betsy Kerekes to make this a book for any married couple—young or old—wanting to nurture their marriage.

101 Tips for a Happier Marriage is designed to help couples improve their relationships by making small changes in their habits and attitudes. Suggestions for everything from the most mundane aspects of marital life (housework, budgeting, weekend football) to the make-or-break components (forgiveness, kindness, prayer) help readers to love and appreciate their spouses anew.

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"As someone who, through the grace of God and a lot of hard work, was able to rebuild a marriage, I can say that this book offers so much to couples who may be struggling. First and foremost, it helps husbands and wives understand the true definition of marriage as God ordained it. Second, it is filled with practical and very doable action items for everyday people with busy lives. If couples truly make an effort to apply the advice in 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage, their relationship--not only with their spouse but also with the Lord--will be the best it can be." --Teresa Tomeo, Host of Catholic Connection

"101 Tips for a Happier Marriage is full of practical, helpful ideas to keep a marriage alive and well. It should be handed out to every couple going through a pre-Cana program. If every couple followed its advice, there would be many more happy and successful marriages!" --Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur, Author of The Catholic Baby Name Book

"At last! A good and reliable guide to what it takes to make a marriage work and make it last a lifetime. …This little gem of a book should be read by every married couple and by those planning to get married." --Joseph Pearce, Author of The Quest for Shakespeare


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