Third Annual Ruth Institute Awards Dinner
Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution

A Conference by the Ruth Institute

Educate – Advocate – Dedicate
Survivors' Summit 2020

July 17-18, 2020  
Live-streaming Virtual Conference (more information here)

Ruth’s Ambassador Program - Friday, July 17  |  8:30am - 4pm
$250 per person (includes lunch and all Summit access pass)
$75 Ambassador Program only | Application required

This program joins Pro-Family activists in an exclusive environment to access research and seminars from the foremost thinkers combatting the Sexual Revolution.


  • Understanding the Global Sexual Revolution; Christian anthropology, history and social systems with Dr. Jennifer Roback More, Ph.D.
    • Building society around Christian anthropology promotes human rights and human flourishing.
  • Medical Tragedies of the Sexual Revolution with Dr. Michelle Cretella, MD.
    • Traditional Christian sexual morality promotes good health.
  • Social Science Evidence about the Sexual Revolution with Rev. Paul Sullins, Ph.D.
    • Proven social science research about post-abortion trauma, same sex parenting, and children’s needs for their parents. Sophisticated social science research supports traditional Christian sexual morality.
  • Human Rights Catastrophes of the Sexual Revolution: Population Control and Demographic Winter with Don Feder, journalist
    • Deviations from traditional Judeo-Christian sexual ethics cause long-term, large scale problems.

Annual Awards Dinner - Friday, July 17  |  6:00pm - 8:30pm
included with livestreaming package

Honoring leading activists of the Pro-Family movement with awards for Scholarship, Activism, and Professional Integrity. Includes a keynote address by celebrated journalist and author Sue Ellen Browder.

Summit Program - Saturday, July 18 | 8:30am - 5:30pm
$30 virtual conference pass
$75 watch party package (up to a group of 10)

Topic: Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse

  • Session: Childhood Sexual Abuse, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
    • Hollywood. Politics. Schools. And sadly, churches, are all plagued with the sexual abuse of children. Who will take a stand other than the faithful believers fighting for their families and the integrity of their faith? It is up to us!
  • Session: Survivor’s Panel
    • Faith Hakesly - survivor
    • Allen Hebert - survivor
    • Sue Ellen Browder - spouse of survivor
  • Session: Clergy Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church, By the Numbers, Fr. Paul Sullins, Ph.D.
    • Analysis of past and present trends. Why do the numbers matter, and where do we go from here?
  • Q&A and Discussion Panel

Topic: Surviving Pornography Addiction

  • Session: Pornography as a Public Health Crisis, Melea Stephens
    • Taking a public policy focus on pornography.
  • Session: Protecting Young Eyes, Chis McKenna
    • Providing tools for parents and educators.
  • Q&A and Discussion Panel

Topic: Surviving the LGBT Sub-Culture

  • Session: Medical issues in the LGBT Sub-culture, Dr. Michelle Cretella, MD
    • Presenting health risks associated with common sexual activity among same-sex partners and sharing a thorough understanding of the medical issues involved in so-called “gender affirmation medical treatments.”
  • Session: Survivor’s Panel
    • Doug Mainwaring - journalist who left the LGBT sub-culture
    • Luis Ruiz- survivor of the Pulse Nightclub attack and left the LGBT subculture
    • Dr. Paul Church - physician confronting the LGBT Establishment
  • Session: Reporting on the Transgender Movement, Brandon Showalter
    • A journalist’s report from the frontlines, with stories from gender-confused children, desisters (those who lived as the opposite sex and gave it up), resistance within the medical profession, and surprising new allies.
  • Activist Panel
    • Tracy Shannon - representing Mass Resistance of Texas, confronting Drag Queen Story Hour
    • Cathy Clever Ruse - confronting the Fairfax County School Board
  • Q&A and Discussion Panel

Closing & Awards Ceremony, Remarks by Jennifer Roback Morse

Survivors' Summit

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