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“Equality Act” Will Force Us to Lie Says Ruth Institute

Posted on Tuesday, March 02, 2021

March 3, 2021

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“Equality Act” Will Force Us to Lie Says Ruth Institute

The “Equality Act” making its way through Congress will force people to lie about the reality of biological sex and, by lying, to corrupt themselves,” said Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.

“The Equality Act will require us to affirm that a man who says he’s a woman is in fact, in every way, a woman. If you can make people tell such an obvious lie, you can get them to do anything,” Morse said.

The bill, which passed the House on February 18, would amend the U.S. Civil Rights Act to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected classes.

“But it goes far beyond that,” Morse said. “A man who says he’s a woman could stay overnight in a shelter for battered women. A convicted rapist who says he’s a woman could be housed in a women’s prison. The bill will force our daughters to use bathrooms, changing room and showers with biological males who say they are females. This is the height of insanity.

“If the so-called Equality Act becomes law, it will destroy women’s sports. For years, ‘progressives’ insisted on absolute equality between men and women’s sports. Clinton Administration officials went around closing men’s wrestling and swimming programs to achieve this goal. Now, in the name of a bogus equality, self-styled champions of women are killing women’s sports by forcing women and girls to compete with males who are, by their nature, stronger, faster and have greater endurance.

“I find it mystifying that a party that puts itself forth as a champion of women could do this to real flesh-and-blood women,” Morse charged.

“The ‘Equality Act’ would require Catholic physicians and hospitals to prescribe hormone treatments and perform surgery in violation of their conscience. Employers would not be allowed to discriminate on the basis of ‘gender identity.’ Airlines would have to use male TSA guards who say they are women to do pat-downs of biological, that is, real women.”

Morse warned, “We are on the verge of becoming a totalitarian society where the government commands citizens to lie. If this monstrosity becomes law, we will have gone over the edge and into uncharted territory.”

There’s a good chance the misnamed Equality Act can be stopped in the Senate, where 60 votes are needed to end a filibuster. Morse urged senators to “‘follow the science,’ in President Biden’s immortal words, and not endorse a deceptive appeal to minority rights. We cannot allow ideology to trump reality.”

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is the author of The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives

The Ruth Institute is a global non-profit organization, leading an international interfaith coalition to defend the family and build a civilization of love.

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