Welcome to the Ruth Institute podcast page! This is one of my favorite places on the entire site! Here we've collected recordings of my speeches, interviews, and other programs for you to enjoy. Some of these podcasts are from live lecture halls, speeches or rallies. Others are from radio interviews. In all cases, you receive the benefit of the Ruth Institute knowledge and experience on all issues relating to the Sexual Revolution.

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SSM: Why Not? at UCSB's Anscombe Society

(May 27, 2015) Dr J traveled to UC Santa Barbara to speak at the Anscombe Society; she's about to give a talk called "Same-Sex Marriage: Why Not? However, all does not go as planned... 

The Q&A session afterward is available for download at the Ruth Refuge.


Dr J on "Beyond the Veil"

(March 24, 2015) Dr J is a guest of Father Thomas Loya on his radio program "Beyond the Veil." Today they talked about Dr J's book, The Sexual Revolution and its Victims, where she takes on the prevailing narrative that nothing should inhibit anyone's personal pleasure.


The Sexual Revolution and Its Victims: Summit Ministries

(March 11, 2015) Dr J delivered this talk at the Summit Adult Program in Colorado Springs. In it, she's addressing 3 basic points: What is the sexual revolution? How does the marriage issue fit into its overall picture? What are we going to about it--how do we heal the culture in a lasting and Christlike way?


Erika Langhart died from the NuvaRing. She is one example of a Victim of the Sexual Revolution.  Here she is, with her mother, Karen, who has founded an organization in her daughter's memory. Karen is not a Victim. Karen is a Survivor. Read Dr. J's story about them here

Dr J at Faith Lutheran Church

(March 3, 2015) Dr J speaks on "The Sexual Revolution and its Victims" to Faith Lutheran Church in Indiana.


Dr J at Grace Lutheran Church

(March 2, 2015) Dr J speaks on "The Sexual Revolution and its Victims" to Grace Lutheran Church in Indiana.


Gender Distinctions

(December 2, 2014) Dr J is once again a guest on Drew Mariani's eponymous showwhere they discussed the vote coming up in Minnesota about removing gender differentiation in grade-school sports--and locker rooms.


Dr. Michael Brown interview

(September 26, 2011) Dr J hosts "From the Front Lines of the Culture War" on Catholic Radio of San Diego. Today she's interviewing Dr. Michael Brown, Messianic Jewish scholar and author of 20 books, the latest of which is "A Queer Thing Happened to America," which is the subject of their discussion.



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