Welcome to the Ruth Institute podcast page! This is one of my favorite places on the entire site! Here we've collected recordings of my speeches, interviews, and other programs for you to enjoy. Some of these podcasts are from live lecture halls, speeches or rallies. Others are from radio interviews. In all cases, you receive the benefit of the Ruth Institute knowledge and experience on all issues relating to the Sexual Revolution.

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Teaser: October Synod on the Family

(September 30, 2015) Dr J is once again Molly Smith's guest on From the Median to discuss her upcoming trip to the Vatican for the October Synod on the Family.


How Does Divorce and Family Breakdown Affect Our Children?

(September 30, 2015) Jennifer Johnson is Molly Smith's guest on "From the Median" to discuss how divorce and family breakdown affect our children.


A New Kind of Taboo for Children

(September 17, 2015) Jennifer Johnson, Ruth Institute's Director of Operations, appears today on Family Policy Matters Radio to speak about the harms and risks of being a child of divorce. Emotional harm and the pressure to be silent form the inadvertent basis for a new kind of taboo for children.



(August 21, 2015) Dr J is one of the keynote speakers at the California Association of Natural Family Planning Conference, where she talks about "The Sexual Revolution and its Victims." She takes questions afterward, too--check out the podcast stream over at the Ruth Refuge for all of her Q&A sessions.


The Courage Conference and the Sexual Revolution

(August 17, 2015) Dr J is once again Molly Smith's guest on "From the Median," offering a recap of Dr. Morse's participation in the Courage conference in Detroit. Dr. Morse and Molly discuss how we got to where we are culturally on sex, marriage, and family--and how we can move forward to a kinder, more Godly understanding that promotes healing from all the damage that's been done.


Summit Ministries: Contracts vs. Kinship

(July 14, 2015) Dr J was invited to speak at Summit Ministries' conference in Dayton, Tennessee, to a group of high school students. Here she's giving a talk on the difference between kinship and contracts. Incidentally, this is her first talk after the Supreme Court decision Obergefell v. Hodges mandating genderless marriage in all 50 states. This is the second part of her talk--if you missed the first one, check out the previous podcast--and she also took questions, which are available for download over at the Ruth Refuge.


The Church's Finest Hour

(July 15, 2015) Dr. J's giving her talk "The Church's Finest Hour" on marriage and parenthood to the local Catholic parish of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in San Diego, California. There was a Q&A session afterward, too--it's available for download over at the Ruth Refuge. Check out all the other neat stuff the Refuge has to offer by clicking on the Ruth Refuge section of our website.


Divorce as a Children's Rights Issue

(October 3, 2014) Dr J travels to California's Simi Valley to participate in the International Children's Rights Institute's conference hosted by Robert Lopez--this is our podcast of her talk there, "Divorce as a Children's Rights Issue."



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