Welcome to the Ruth Institute podcast page! This is one of my favorite places on the entire site! Here we've collected recordings of my speeches, interviews, and other programs for you to enjoy. Some of these podcasts are from live lecture halls, speeches or rallies. Others are from radio interviews. In all cases, you receive the benefit of the Ruth Institute knowledge and experience on all issues relating to the Sexual Revolution.

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Healthy Actions and Expectations Before Saying "I Do"

(January 8, 2018) Dr J is speaking with John Rustin on his radio show, Family Policy Matters. The topic is healthy actions and expectations before saying "I do," and they touch on specifics regarding cohabitation, weddings, divorce, and marriage.


Healing Family Breakdown on The Shepherd's Voice

(January 5, 2018) Dr J is a guest of Archbishop Joseph Naumann on his radio program "The Shepherd's Voice." They're discussing our upcoming Healing Family Breakdown workshop at the Church of the Ascension in Kansas City.

"Healing Family Breakdown" is the morning of Saturday, January 27, at the Church of the Ascension in the Overland Park neighborhood of Kansas City. For more information and registration, check it out on our website: ruthinstitute.org/events/healing-family-breakdown.



Making the Case 2017

(November 11, 2017) We're live at the annual "Making the Case" conference in Houston! Regular listeners know that Dr J is a frequent guest on Todd Wilkin's radio program Issues, Etc.; she also speaks at their annual conference in Houston, Texas. This year her topic is the Sexual Revolution: what it is, what its endgame is, and what we're going to do about it.

The Acton Ideology talks Dr J mentioned are the contraceptive ideology, the divorce ideology, and the gender ideology. You can also find out more about our upcoming training webinar and the book clubs Dr J mentioned.



Leila Miller on The Catholic Conversation

(August 15, 2017) Leila Miller, author and friend of Ruth, is speaking with Steve and Becky Greene of Immaculate Heart Radio's The Catholic Conversation. They're discussing Primal Loss, Leila's book about adult children navigating experiences related to their parents' divorces and broken families. (Dr J wrote the forward for Primal Loss.)


Contraception & Divorce: Vox Vitae Adults

(July 11, 2017) Live from the adult evening session at this year's Vox Vitae, a pro-life camp in Alhambra, California, Dr J is speaking about contraception, divorce, and the survivors of the sexual revolution. Stay tuned for her second talk on the gender ideology.


Divorce Ideology: The Sexual State

(June 22, 2017) This year's Acton University is in full swing! Dr J has been with the program since the beginning. This year her three talks are all themed "The Sexual State"--they highlight how various ideologies ingrained in our culture are products of and further the aims of the toxic sexual revolution. This is her second talk, entitled "The Sexual State and the Divorce Ideology."

Stay tuned for more from Acton, coming right up in our podcast stream. Also check out our Ruth Refuge; Dr J took questions after each talk, and those will be available to listen to from there.


Powerpoint slides from this presentation are also available.

Divorce Enablers

(June 14, 2017) Dr J is once again Todd Wilkin's guest on Issues, Etc. Divorce is the topic under their microscope today. Check out Dr J's article from Clash Daily, "Divorce Enablers: The Liberal Fantasy World is Wrecking Children's Lives," linked on our website.


Dr J on Striker Radio

(June 10, 2017) Dr J is once again a guest of Steve Pauwels on Striker Radio. They're discussing her recent piece over at ClashDaily (where Steve is also an editor), a forward Dr J just wrote for Leila Miller's book about the aftermath of divorce from adult children's perspectives. Leila's book is entitled Primal Loss.


Divorce & Family Structure on "Beyond the Veil"

(June 6, 2017) Dr J and Jennifer Johnson are speaking with Father Thomas Loya of Radio Maria's Beyond the Veil. They're discussing divorce, marriage, and family relationships. Jennifer Johnson's recent booklet, Marriage and Equality: How Natural Marriage Upholds the Ideal of Equality for Children, comes up as well.


Baby Boomer Divorce

(June 5, 2017) Dr J is once again a guest of Drew Mariani on his eponymous show on Relevant Radio. They're discussing divorce in our culture--its ups and downs, what that means, and how people view marriage.



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