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IFTCC Conference 2020 – Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Our friends at the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counseling Choice will be having their 6th Annual Freedoms, Rights and Self-Determination conference. This year’s conference will be online, Friday November 27th and Saturday November 28th. Therapists, counselors and family members of those dealing with unwanted same sex attraction, gender identity questions, and sexual orientation will benefit most from this conference.

The International Federation for Therapeutic Counselling Choice was formed in 2015, and is comprised of people who are inspired to hold to traditional Judeo-Christian values and ethics. Their main goal is to, “Support the rights and freedoms of those who are experiencing same-sex and gender confusions who are unwilling to be forced into counseling approaches that are simply gay affirming and offer no alternatives.” They have worked to counter the prevailing international notion of the “Must Stay Gay” culture – and offer alternates to those who do not wish to stay in the LGBT culture.

This year’s conference features four plenary sessions touching on topics of tremendous importance freedom loving people.

Session 1: Therapy Bans, ‘Equality’ legislation, civil unions, imposed sex-education: How do we strive for freedom, maintain rights, and promote self-determination in our work and witness?

Session 2: Skewed sampling, ideological monoculture and viewpoint discrimination: How is ideology masquerading as science – how do we tackle the misuse of scientific data?

Session 3: Tools in the toolbox refining and promoting best practices in supporting SAFE-T (sexual attraction fluidity exploration in therapy)?

Session 4: What is the unique contribution of Christian Counselling to working with those with unwanted same-sex attractions and gender confusions?

Dr. Andre Van Mol and Elizabeth Woning should be familiar to our audience. Dr. Andre Van Mol appeared on an episode of the Dr. J. show. Elizaeth Woning appeared at our 2019 Summit.

Additional presenters include: Jens Fredric Brenne, Mike Davidson, Michael Gasparro, Ann Gillies, Karen Graaten, Julie Hamilton, Laura Haynes, Walt Heyer, Peter May, Dermot O’Callaghan, Roger Kiska, Alexis Lundh, Michael K. Laidlaw, Agnieska Marianowicz-Szczygieł, Ansel Pronk, Andre Van Mol, Melvin W. Wong, Elizabeth Woning, Anna Záborská

The conference will be presented in three different languages: English, Hungarian, and Slovakian.

Register for the conference here.