Remember Someone In Prayer

If you are like us here at the Ruth Institute, you have many friends and relatives who have been harmed by the Sexual Revolution. Maybe you have a young friend who is living with her boyfriend. Maybe you have friends struggling with an unwanted divorce, or a complicated custody situation. Maybe your parents suffered horribly.

Maybe you are recovering, but your siblings are still suffering or in denial. Maybe you know a grandparent who is raising children because their parents went off the rails.

This is a place to remember them, and ask for prayers from others.  

All your friends here at the Ruth Institute realize that you and your loved ones are suffering. So many people in our society make light of these problems, brush them under the rug, or blame the Victim. But we know that the fault does not always lie where it appears to lie. There is so much confusion and misinformation in our society, we cannot be surprised when people make large and painful mistakes. 

Besides, we are not concerned with blame here. We are interested in prayer and support and healing. 

Remember your loved ones in prayer.

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