Why Tell Your Story?

The Sexual Revolution is a formidable problem.  The Ruth Institute has a simple vision for overcoming the ill-effects of the Sexual Revolution: Tell your story. We will help you share your story with others, as you think appropriate for your situation.

You can be part of making this vision a reality!

We believe that the success of the Sexual Revolution always depended on the silence of the Victims.

People who were victimized by the Sexual Revolution were told lies or half-truths about:

  • what happened to them
  • how they were supposed to feel about it
  • whether anyone else ever felt the way they feel
  • the impact their behavior might have on themselves
  • the impact their behavior would likely have on other people

The lies can continue, as long as no one ever speaks up to contradict them. The Victims of the Sexual Revolution absolutely, must, must, must, tell their OWN stories. The Cycle of Silence must stop. You can be part of the solution by telling your story of overcoming the ill-effects of the Sexual Revolution in your life.

Other people are already beginning to Tell Ruth the Truth.

We began this project with the Children of Divorce. Their stories are here.

People like you are adding more stories all the time. See the stories we have gathered so far.

Are you ready?

Go here for Guidelines to Telling Your Survivor Story.

Go here to Tell Your Survivor Story.

If you are a Child of Divorce, go here to be part of the Kids Divorce Stories community.

This activity can be part of Step 1:

We honestly Face and Embrace the Impact of the Sexual Revolution on our lives.

Or Step 2:

We face up to our own self-deceptions, sexual sins and lack of charity.

Or Step 6:

We joyously reach out to others.

If you are not familiar with the “7 Steps to Sexual Peace” go here.