Who Tells Their Survivor Stories?

We aspire to collect and promote the largest set of stories on the planet! We are looking for stories of people who have suffered from the Sexual Revolution and its lies.  Go here to learn more about the 12 Survivors of the Sexual Revolution.

On this page, you will find stories from people like you.  Each of these people has taken the risk of revealing themselves to the readers of this blog. Each of them has taken the time to write their story.  We insist that you treat people here with respect.  

Among these stories are people who:

  • were victimized by someone else
  • were lied to and therefore did things they regret, including things that hurt themselves
  • were lied to and therefore did things they regret, including things that were harmful to others

This blog is public. Anyone can read these stories.  No one can comment on these stories in this space. The place for comments, discussion, mutual support and other forms of sharing is on the Ruth Refuge. If the stories here are inspiring and helpful to you, we suggest you join the Refuge and participate more fully.  You will find help from others. And you may find that you have more to offer others than you first thought.

Are you ready?

Go here for Guidelines to Telling Your Survivor Story.

Go here to Tell Your Survivor Story. 

This activity can be part of Step 1:

We honestly Face and Embrace the Impact of the Sexual Revolution on our lives.

Or Step 2:

We face up to our own self-deceptions, sexual sins and lack of charity.

Or Step 6:

We joyously reach out to others.

If you are not familiar with the “7 Steps to Sexual Peace” go here.