"In an age where traditional marriage is under assault from all sides, Christians must help young people not only understand the value of marriage, but also how to prepare for marriage and how to defend marriage in their spheres of influence. This is precisely what Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse and the Ruth Institute are doing. I heartily endorse their work and urge Christians to support their efforts." Chuck Colson, Founder of Prison Fellowship
Last summer was extremely rewarding for me. I can proudly say I was able articulate a strong defense of traditional marriage in my family law class this last semester against an overwhelming opposition. A position I could not defend before my summer with Ruth.
Austin Muck, Ruth Intern 2011
Hi Jennifer: I just wanted to share that both Steve and I so appreciated your contribution to the forum at the Museum of San Diego History. We tried to see you afterward but you were rather mobbed with folks who wanted to speak with you. Once again, our opponents had no answer to the question, “If we allow same-sex couples to marry where does it stop?” Thank you for bringing this up so the usual dodge could be seen once again. Of course, there is no answer except, “There is no logical stopping point.” In a nutshell – you were simply brilliant. Thanks for being such an articulate and caring spokesperson for natural marriage. May God richly bless you and yours, Penny Harrington, Concerned Women for America
I am motivated to support Ruth financially after seeing on the internet some of the recent abuse suffered by you and Brian Brown during the summer tour for marriage. . You are doing a terrific service for the inarticulate masses who know in their bones that marriage should be man-woman but can’t find the words. Please say a special thank-you for me to your husband and kids who have to tolerate your absences. Their sacrifice allows thousands to be helped. Roger Bonilla, Sunnyvale, CA
I am glad that you are willing to engage in these forums. Your doing so gives aid and comfort to many who share your concerns but who cannot or will not participate in the same way. Jack Etheridge, Ruth Supporter
The Ruth Institute is a great gift to our youth and the future of the family in America. Susan Stanzel, Program Chairwoman, Legatus Dallas Chapter
Your whole presentation, especially the last part, was one of the most coherent non-religious arguments for traditional marriage that I have ever heard. Lisa Procter, Danville, CA
Kudos to you, Dr. Roback Morse, for such a fantastic idea [the "Are You a Survivor of the Sexual Revolution?" brochure]! Seriously, this is the first time I've seen such a needed resource for all these situations. You must have been inspired by the Holy Spirit. I hope this gets wide exposure. Our clergy are sadly so silent about all of this most of the time. People are being "reaffirmed" in their sins by the very people who are supposed to help them. Congratulations on this site. Ann Hessenius, Boston, MA

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