Reclaiming the Professions for Life and Family
Survivors' Summit 2021

July 16-17, 2021

Thanks to everyone who attended this year! We had an amazing time. The speakers were dynamite, the company is encouraging and uplifting, and the truths we uphold and defend are edifying and life-changing.

Our Ambassadors' program on Friday honed core concepts that stem from a "marriage and family are the bedrock of society" approach, with presentations on population decline.

Our Awards Dinner on Friday evening highlighted diverse voices and stories from the cultural fallout of the sexual revolution--voices that aren't often given a platform because it doesn't fit the grand narrative the sexual liberation is always and only "onward and upward" and no one ever gets hurt or is left behind. Katy Faust shared her work with Them Before Us, a website and (more recently) a book that shares the experiences of children of divorce and separation. Sharon Slater shared her work defending the family on the global stage before the UN. Walter Hoye shared his experience as a Black and pro-life pastor, with all of the worlds colliding he has experienced in his work to strengthen the family.

Our Summit on Saturday detailed both harrowing accounts of how the professions are being corrupted by censorship and propaganda and gave suggestions and action items for how we can move forward. Check out our speakers' gallery for the who's who of everyone who spoke out the 2021 Summit.

Now, take what you've learned and touch lives to make a real difference. Become involved in your local school board and find out what's in the curriculum. Push back when propaganda sneaks in. Take an office in your professional organization so you have a say in policy, bylaws, and procedures they enact. Build relationships and foster dialogue. Speak out when falsehood is marketed as truth.

Survivors' Summit

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