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The Sexual Revolution and Its Victims - READ ONLY PDF

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The Sexual Revolution and Its Victims: Thirty-Five Prophetic Articles Spanning Two Decades

By Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

A series of essays detailing how the Sexual Revolution led to harms to children and to the current mess over removing the gender requirement from marriage, and how it won't stop there.

This book has a whole section on cohabitation: "Why Not Take Her for a Test Drive?" written back in 2001, “Cohabitation is a Social Injustice” back in 2009, and "The Incredible Shrinking Household" also from 2001.

The book includes sections on Divorce, Contraception, Abortion and much more. Our Dr. Morse is a true pioneer: no one else has been talking about such a wide range of problems for such a long time. Get this collection today!

Also available in paperback.

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