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Marriage and Equality

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Marriage and Equality: How Natural Marriage Upholds Equality for Children

By Jennifer Johnson

Foreword by Leila Miller, author of Primal Loss

Equality is a popular concept. Many people believe that it is the most important concept when it comes to marriage policy. The appeal to equality is an appeal to justice.

Have you ever wondered how to use this popular concept to defend marriage as only being between one man and one woman (natural marriage)? Did you know that Christian social conservatives probably believe in equality but don't realize it? How many more people might be willing to defend natural marriage openly if they could do so by harnessing this important concept?

Let author Jennifer Johnson of the Ruth Institute walk you through her life story to explain how the ideal of equality can be employed to defend natural marriage.

It is important to engage people by using concepts that they already care about, and this special report will help you do just that.


Third Edition, September 2017, 98 pages long.

ISBN: 978-0-692-94099-0

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