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Children and Same Sex Parenting - Pamphlet

Children and Same Sex Parenting - PamphletChildren and Same Sex Parenting - Pamphlet

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Children and Same Sex Parenting

The impact of same sex parenting on children is among the most contentious issues of our time. Get the full scoop in this fact-filled brochure. Now that marriage has been redefined, more and more people are going to think that same sex parenting has no risks or down-sides to children. Be sure you are fully informed. Be ready to answer the questions that are sure to arise in your own family, church community or neighborhood.

  • What is the problem with same sex parenting?
    • Separating children from one of their natural parents without an unavoidable reason is an injustice to the child.
  • But aren’t kids already separated from their parents through divorce?
    • Yes! That is no reason to create more injustices to children. Get our new pamphlet Children and Divorce for the complete story!
  • What are the risks that children of same sex couples face?
    • The risks associated with divorce, and more.
  • But wait: I thought the studies showed that kids raised by same sex parents are doing just fine.
    • Those old studies have methodological flaws. Newer, more sophisticated studies seriously challenge the theory of “no difference” between kids raised by same sex parents and those raised by married natural parents. You and your loved ones deserve the whole story, before you make life-changing decisions.

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