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Children and Divorce - Pamphlet

Children and Divorce - PamphletChildren and Divorce - Pamphlet

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Children and Divorce

The Sexual Revolution has taught all of us that “kids are resilient.” Adults are entitled to have the sex lives they want, with a minimum of inconvenience.

We usually do not hear the follow up statement: “Adults are entitled to the sex lives they want, and kids have to accept whatever the adults choose to give them.” We would be too ashamed of ourselves to just say it so bluntly.

The legacy of this deadly ideology has been accumulating, year by year.

  • About 1 million children per year have experienced their parents’ divorce, every year since 1972.
  • Over a million children have been born to unmarried parents, every year since 1988. In 2008 alone, 1.7 million children were born to unmarried parents.
  • By 2010, about 20 million children were living in single parent households.

Let’s face it.

  • Family breakdown hurts kids. They don’t all just “get over it.”
  • This adds up to a lot of hurting people, of all ages.
  • Isn’t time somebody did something about it?

We think it is.

The Solution is right here on this page!

The Children of Divorce need to speak up, and tell the truth about how they were harmed! Telling that truth is the first step away from being a Victim, to becoming a Survivor. You and your loved ones can take that step.

Here is how you can help.

    1. Preview the free electronic pdf copy of “Children and Divorce” brochure.

    2. Order copies of these brochures to share with your friends, family, church and school. Our affordable pricing allows you to give the gift of truth to everyone you care about. Begin the conversation with them. Share your story. Listen to theirs.

    3. Join the Ruth Ambassador Club. Become one of the supporters who helps provide these brochures to groups that cannot afford to pay! Your gift will help open people’s eyes to untold stories of the Children of Divorce, along with other harms of the Sexual Revolution.

Be sure to review the other brochures in the Ruth Survivor Series. You will be amazed at how much damage the Sexual Revolution has already done, and how you can do something to reverse the tide!

Here at the Ruth Institute, we are changing the world, one heart at a time, one family at a time. Join us. There is no time like the present to get started.