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Combat Heterosexism!

This is the charge of a new report issued in Quebec. This report will give you a taste of what the Gay Lobby and the Sex Radicals have in mind for us in America. Tolerance is not enough.  Their definition of heterosexism is: 

Affirmation of heterosexuality as a social norm or the highest form of sexual orientation; social practice that conceals the diversity of sexual orientations and identities in everyday representations, social relations and social institutions, in particular by taking for granted that all people are heterosexual.

They want a society where every individual is completely indifferent between having same sex attraction and opposite sex attraction, and where no institution recognizes any differences between same sex attraction and opposite sex attraction.


News flash: heterosexual behavior is normal for our species. In Quebec, it will soon be illegal to say so.






Dr J on the Radio: Issues Etc.

I'll be on Issues Etc from 2:15- 2:30 Pacific Time, which ic 4:15 Central time. I'll be talking with Todd Wilken on the rise of On-line Gay Marriage, and what it means for the same sex marriage issue, and for marriage more generally. Tune in!  If you miss it, we will have it on our podcast page in a couple of days.

Love and Life (cont): The Real (Catholic) Deal

More from the Catholic Bishops' letter on marriage, called Love and Life in the Divine Plan.
"Our pastoral letter presents those beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church--informed by human reason and enlightened by Divine Revelation-- that summarize and express God's plan for marriage. This divine plan, like the gift of marriage itself, is something we receive, not something we construct or change to fit our purposes.  (5-6)"
This paragraph expresses distinctly Catholic attitudes and sensibilities:
  1. Revelation and reason work together, not at cross-purposes.  If faith and reason seem to contradict one another, you've either misinterpreted the revelation, or reasoned incorrectly.
  2. There are truths that are given to us, that are beyond our power to alter. We have a responsibility to bear witness to those truths and to hand them down to the next generation.  We must conform ourselves to reality , rather than demand that reality conform itself to us.
The bishops continue:
Our pastoral letter is an invitation to discover, or perhaps rediscover, the blessing given when God first established marriage as a natural institution and when Christ restored and elevated it as a sacramental sign of salvation. (6)
This is the essence of the pastoral posture, and one which Jesus expressed to his disciples: "Come and see…." Read the whole letter here.

Good News for Irish Fathers

An Irish court ruled that the biological dad who donated sperm to a lesbian couple still has some rights.
the five judges of the Supreme Court today found that, while man was not entitled to guardianship of the three-year-old boy at this time, it would be in the child's best interest for his father to have access to him.
This case illustrates the coming conflict between lesbian couples and the father of their children. The Irish court surely did the right thing here, in affirming the child's right to have a relationship with his father.  But, as Iona Institute's Director David Quinn points out, cases like this illustrate the need for child-centered regulation of Artificial Reproductive Technology. This ruled overturned a lower court ruling that had relied on the European Convention on Human Rights.
Referring to the High Court ruling that the lesbian couple had family rights under the European Convention on Human Rights, Chief Justice John Murray added that European Court of Human Rights rulings were not directly applicable in Ireland and its influence is moral and political rather than real. Crucially, Ms Justice Susan Denham ruled there was no such institution as a 'de facto' family in Ireland and that the lesbian couple were not a family under the Constitution. She also found that there was benefit to a child, in general, to have the society of his father and was satisfied that the High Court also gave insufficient weight to this factor. She found that the High Court had given insufficient weight to the fact that the man is the biological father of the child and she said he had rights as a natural father.
This is a welcome ruling. H/T Tom O'Gorman.

Same Sex "Marriage" is NOT Inevitable

DOCso says Maggie Gallagher, of our sister organization, the National Organization for Marriage, over at NRO. Here is one of my favorite reasons:
4.  Progressives are often wrong about the future. Here's my personal litany: Progressives told me abortion would be a dead issue by today, because young people in 1975 were so pro-choice. They told me there would be no more homemakers at all by the year 2000, because of the attitudes and values of young women in 1975. Some even told me the Soviet Union was the wave of the future. I mean, really, fool me once shame on you. Fool me over and over again . . . I must be a Republican!
Read it all here.

"Christianity Destroys Myth" Rene Girard

morse2Stanford University Emeritus Professor Rene Girard explains that Christianity is structurally similar to ancient myths, and at the same time, Christianity destroys the mythological system. I can't do the man justice. Listen to it here.

Love and Life (cont): Soaring above the fray.

The Bishops' Letter opens with a quotation from the Nuptial Blessing:

"Father, by your plan man and woman are united, and married life has been established as the one blessing that was not forfeited by original sin or washed away by the flood." (Nuptial Blessing)

They follow this quotation with this statement:

Original sin introduced evil and disorder into the world. As a consequence of the break with God, this first sin ruptured the original communion between man and woman.  Nonetheless, the original blessing of marriage was never revoked.  (2)
This opening salvo couldn't be more different from the modern sexual revolution.  Marriage is a blessing. The world created by God is good, until evil enters the world, through original sin.  The differences between men and women are not evidence of some cosmic injustice that we, the all-knowing, all-wise moderns, are destined and indeed required to repair.  Nor are the differences between men and women some kind of cosmic oversight or mistake on God's part.  The differences between men and women are designed by God to allow us to be in communion with each other, that is, with someone like ourselves and yet structurally distinct. The rupture between men and women is not the way things are supposed to be, but rather a consequence of original sin. Read it all here.

Gay Infatuation Syndrome

I recently discovered this disorder: Gay Infatuation Syndrome. Telltale symptoms of GIS are: anything that makes gays look good is newsworthy. Anything that makes gays look bad must be suppressed. Last week, I showed a case where GIS sufferers have an uncontrollable urge to promote anything that makes gays look good, even if there isn't anything there.  Now, Mike Adams has discovered a case where the MSM is diverting attention from the fact that a self-identified gay man committed a truly heinous crime against a child, as it happens, his adopted black five year old son.  Read it all here.

The Song of Ruth

We feel this song would be a good theme song for the Ruth Institute. What do you think? Here are the lyrics: WHEREVER YOU GO  Song of Ruth    Wherever you go, I shall go. Wherever you live, so shall I live. Your people will be my people, And your God will be my God too. Wherever you die, I shall die. And there shall I be buried beside you. We will be together forever; And our love will be the gift of our lives. (Repeat 2 ) We will be together forever; And our love will be the gift of our lives.  H/T: Jamee Stanley.

Love and Life in the Divine Plan: An Invitation from the Catholic Bishops

I've already made it clear that I love this letter by the US Catholic Bishops. As I begin to write about this, a couple of notes. First, all page numbers refer to the internet version linked here. Second, don't let anyone tell you this document is about same sex unions. The internet version is 60 printed pages.  Of these, less than 3 full pages deal directly with same sex unions. That is, less than 5% of the document deals with same sex unions.  That is about the correct proportion. Third, the bishops are hopelessly romantic: they actually believe all human persons are meant for communion with others, and that lifelong love is possible. Some people probably believe the bishops are unrealistic in their aspirations for lifelong married love as the proper context for both sexual activity and child-bearing.  But is the alternative offered by the modern world either realistic or appealing?  The secular view of sex offers us this vision.  Do what you want.  As long as you use a condom and don’t deceive or force anyone into sex, you can pretty much do whatever you want.  No one is in any position to offer you rules, guidance or even educated suggestions. Figure it out for yourself. Perhaps you already know from experience what this amounts to in practice: Broken hearts, insecurity, jealousy, sexually transmitted diseases, jadedness, withholding of the self.  Then there are the "social pathologies."  These sanitized terms don't convey the real woundedness that people experience. So let's list them: divorce, multi-partner fertility, out of wedlock childbearing, abandoned children, overstressed mothers, irresponsible fathers, single mothers by choice, fathers pushed out of the family, cohabiting women who can never get their boyfriends to commit to marriage, serial polygamy, fertility delayed so long that it is impaired. Great.  The Bishops are inviting you to come up out of all that. Won’t you at least consider the alternative of life and love offered by Christianity?

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