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Ruth Institute President Welcomes First Public Meetings of State Dept. Commission on Unalienable Rights

Ruth Institute Founder and President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., welcomed the news that the Commission on Unalienable Rights will begin its work with two public meetings, October 23 and November 1, at the State Department in Washington, D.C.

“The Commission has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the State Department behind authentic human rights, which begin with the family,” Morse said. “Respect for the rights of others is learned in the family. In turn, governments must respect the rights of families, including the right to educate their children in their own faith tradition, without being undermined by the government.”

The Ruth Institute is co-sponsoring a Make The Family Great Again Petition with Life Petitions.

The petition affirms that:

  • Marriage and the family are universal institutions for the stability of society and the continuation of the human race.
  • Loyalty and fidelity are universally recognized as virtues.
  • Children need their mother and father.
  • Stable loving families provide the basis for strong societies, including thriving economies, national security and international peace.
  • The United Nations and other international organizations often work at cross-purposes to these important truths.
  • Making America great again requires that we make the family great again, both at home and abroad.

Therefore, the Petition urges the Commission on Unalienable Rights to work for recognition of the following fundamental rights:

  • The right of every child to a relationship with his or her natural mother and father except for an unavoidable tragedy.
  • The right of every person to know the identity of his or her biological parents.
  • The right to life from conception to natural death.
  • The right of families to educate their own children in their faith tradition and values, without being undermined by the state.

Morse noted: “Our more than 40 original petition signers are a Who’s Who of the international pro-family movement, including Gov. Mike Huckabee, Alveda King, and Fr. Shenan Boquet, the President of Human Life International, as well as international leaders from Africa, Europe, and Latin America.”

To date, nearly 7,700 have signed the petition worldwide.

“We welcome the beginnings of a process to get the State Department behind the rights of the family. If kids don’t have a right to their parents, nobody has a right to anything,” Morse concluded.

The Ruth Institute is a global interfaith non-profit organization equipping Christians to defend the family and build a civilization of love.

Dr. Morse is the author of The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives.

Find more on The Ruth Institute at

To schedule an interview with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, email

Cherished Beliefs of the Sexual Revolution (and How They Protect Sexual Predators)

by Jennifer Roback Morse Nov. 26, 2018 at

One curious feature of the current clergy sex-abuse scandal is the reticence of the non-Catholic media to go after the predators.

Many journalists in the “Legacy Media” seem to have an “anti-Catholic default” setting. One might think such journalists would leap at the chance to pile on with negative reports about the behavior of the Catholic hierarchy. Yet most secular newsrooms have been quite subdued on this issue.

This situation cries out for an explanation.

I propose that many people in our culture, including the media, subscribe to what I call “Cherished Beliefs of the Sexual Revolution.”


These tenets of secularism have been so widely promoted, defended and accepted that they are part of the air we breathe. We don’t even recognize that we believe these ideas.

Some of these ideas have specifically to do with homosexual activity and identity. Others are part of the more general ideological structure of the sexual revolution. Dissecting these ideas and correcting or even discarding them is a crucial step in getting to the bottom of the clergy sex-abuse scandal.

Allow me to assist.

Let me state for the record: Gross generalizations are unfair and unhelpful. I will never say “All gay men are … .” In fact, I once wrote an article called “Fifty Shades of Gay” — so I’m not about to draw rash conclusions about “gay men” from the behavior of a few.

However, the over-representation of homosexual predation certainly casts doubt on what I will call the “Grand Gay Narrative.” The marketing machine for “LGBT” activism and its allies in the sexual revolution have gone to a lot of trouble to create the following impressions in the public mind:

  1. Being gay is a normal variation of healthy human sexuality. “Straight” vs. “gay” is no more significant than left-handed vs. right-handed.
  2. Gay people are “born that way.”
  3. Any problems that gay people might have are the result of “homophobia,” that is, unjust discrimination against them by society, or “internalized homophobia,” that is, self-hatred.

People who hold these ideas might very well object, “That isn’t exactly what we mean.” I will be glad to accept a moderation of their position if they care to walk back these extreme versions.

Let’s see where that would leave us:

In response to each of these points:

  1. Not every person who claims a homosexual identity or engages in homosexual acts is a paragon of mental health. Some of them are out of their minds (including, perhaps, some of the sexually compulsive priest-predators?). Not every person who claims a homosexual identity or engages in homosexual acts is an innocent lamb. Some of them are mean, nasty and selfish (including, perhaps, some of the serial predators?).
  2. Even if people are born with a sexual attraction to people of their own sex, it does not follow that those same people (or anyone at all) is born with an uncontrollable urge toward sexual predation or habitual lying. (Was Theodore McCarrick “born that way”?)
  3. “Homophobia” has nothing to do with the current situation. “If only people were more accepting of homosexual activity and identity, then … .” Then, what exactly? The clergy could behave like Harvey Weinstein and all the other married men who sexually exploit women? Blaming “homophobia” is not a credible response to decades long patterns of abuse.

In short, it should be appropriate to say, “Men of homosexual inclination used the priesthood as a base of operation for preying on teenaged boys.”

Behind these specific beliefs about homosexual practices are also some general cherished beliefs of the sexual revolution. They include:

  1. Sexual activity is an absolute necessity for a healthy life. (News flash: No one has ever died from not having sex.)
  2. Sexual activity is an entitlement. (Only a rapist truly believes he is “entitled” to sex.)
  3. Any problems one might encounter from sexual activity are the result of either lingering “sex-negative” prejudices or not using your “protection” correctly and consistently. (People can have all sorts of problems from having sex at the wrong time, with the wrong person, in the wrong situation, even if their condoms work perfectly.)

This ideological aegis is providing cover for clergy sexual abuse. Journalists, judges, lawmakers and opinion-leaders who subscribe to these ideas are going to squirm when they try to face the evidence. Like the “#MeToo” movement, they are trying to condemn sexual abuse while still embracing the ideologies that made it possible.

Some of my readers no doubt have already figured out from experience that the sexual revolutionaries have been lying to them.

I urge you to examine your conscience in search of lingering traces of these beliefs. Go to confession. You will feel better, I promise you. And you will be a more credible witness in the Church’s current hour of need.

If you are still hanging on to any of these beliefs about same-sex attraction, I beg you to re-examine them. If you have friends who are hanging on to them, share this article with them. You can feel good about yourself without subscribing to superstitions.

In fact, you’ll feel better about yourself and about life in general if you know the truth. Just follow the One who described himself as “the Way, the Truth and the Life.” In this case, as in so many others, the Truth really will set you free. 

The Ruth Institute at Values Voter Summit October 2019

Some of the Ruth Inst. team, from L to R: Art Director Mary Summerhays from Utah; Director of Coalitions Don Feder from Boston; Orthodox priest and Producer of The Dr. J Show, Fr. Mark Hodges from Ohio; and me!

Our Fr. Mark with Dennis Prager

Fr. Mark with Gary Bauer

Dr. J being interview by Jason Calvi of EWTN (next two photos also)



Our booth

We gave away all of our hats, based on our petition. If you'd like a hat, contact us. We may make more.

Dr. Morse with Scott from Life Site News, who helped us with our Make the Family Great Again petition

Ruth Inst. Senior Research Associate Writes on Study Which Refutes Born-That-Way Theory of Homos*xuality

Writing in Public Discourse, the Journal of the Witherspoon Institute, Fr. Paul Sullins, a Senior Research Associate with the Ruth Institute, analyzed a new study which conclusively refutes the notion that some people are born homosexual. (“Born That Way” No More: The New Science of Sexual Orientation, September 30, 2019.)

Ruth Institute Founder and President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. commented: “In this article, Fr. Sullins continues his important work debunking the myths of the Sexual Revolution. Previous highlights include the myth of ‘no difference” between children of same sex parents and mother-father couples and the myth that clergy sex abuse in the Catholic church has nothing to do with homosexuality in the Catholic priesthood. Now Fr. Sullins is among the few who are willing to draw out the conclusions from this latest study: homosexuality cannot be genetically innate. There is no gay gene.”

The study was released last month by a team of scientists at MIT and Harvard. Fr. Sullins writes that they found “that the effect of the genes we inherit from our parents (known as ‘heritability’) on same-sex orientation was very weak.” But “a person’s developmental environment which includes diet, family, friends, neighborhood, religion and a host of other life conditions – is twice as influential on the probability of developing same-sex behavior or orientation as a person’s genes are.”

As Fr. Sullins reports, the study notes, “'There is certainly no single genetic determinant (sometimes referred to as the gay gene in the media)' that causes same-sex sexual behavior.”

Morse adds: “The study, whose conclusions Fr. Sullins describes incisively and with clarity, will have a huge impact in a number of areas, including anti-discrimination cases, and bans on behavior modification therapy.”

More on “Born That Way” No More: The New Science of Sexual Orientation: and

Fr. Sullins, who was an Episcopalian priest, is now a married Catholic priest; he earned a Ph.D. from Catholic University in 1997.

Besides his work for the Ruth Institute, the Rev. D. Paul Sullins, Ph.D., is a Research Professor of Sociology and Director of the Leo Initiative for Catholic Social Research at the Catholic University of America. He has written four books and over 150 journal articles, book chapters and research reports on issues of faith and culture, including “Is Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse related to Homosexual Priests,” in the National Catholic Bioethics quarterly, Winter 2019.

In NYC It’s Transgender Heroes vs. Godly Protector of Orphans: Who Wins?

Posted at Daily Surge August 27, 2019.

Surge Summary: In New York City, an initiative to honor women who built that community has rejected Mother Cabrini, who cared for orphans, and settled on two transgender “women” who played an important role in that movement.

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., Founder and President of the Ruth Institute, said replacing a noted humanitarian and America’s first canonized saint with a politically connected drag queen, “makes a mockery of the program’s stated purpose. The city claimed it wanted to erect monuments honoring the women who built New York City. Instead, NY’s First Lady is honoring men who say they are women.”

New York City is planning to erect statues of women to address a perceived gender imbalance among the city’s monuments. Political correctness has come to dominate the process.

The project is known as She Built NYC and is expected to cost $5 million. Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini (popularly known as Mother Cabrini) “fit the stated description of the project perfectly,” Morse observed.

Working in the 1880s, Mother Cabrini founded an upstate orphanage and a school for girls in the Washington Heights section of New York. Altogether, she started 67 institutions dedicated to helping the poor. When the city solicited nominations for the She Built NY project, Mother Cabrini was nominated more frequently than any other person.

The City’s First Lady, Chirlane McCray, ignored the public’s stated wishes and selected drag queens and LGBTQ activists, who adopted the names Sylvia Rivera and Marsha Johnson, in place of Mother Cabrini.

Dr. Morse explained: “Calling yourself ‘transgendered’ doesn’t make you a woman if you have the DNA of a man. Adopting a woman’s name and dressing like a woman won’t work either. Gender is a matter of biology, not belief.”

Morse continued: “Sexual Revolutionaries have found a new way to advance their agenda – publicly-funded monuments honoring individuals who represent gender confusion and whose chief achievement is political activism promoting their cause.”

The Ruth Institute is a global non-profit organization equipping Christians to defend the family and build a civilization of love. On April 26-27, the Institute held a Summit for Survivors of Sexual Revolution

Dr. Morse is the author of, “The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives.”

The Sexual State: how a rolling revolution is destroying lives


Divorce Child, by Javad Alizadeh, Iranian artist. CC via Wikimedia


The author of a new book talks about the elite ideologies driving today’s sexual culture.

Jennifer Roback Morse | Sep 10 2018 at


Did the Sexual Revolution just sweep through society like a mindless force of nature, or did powerful people actively promote it? Why is the sexual revolutionary propaganda so relentless, and increasingly bizarre? Do children have rights to be born into an intact family with parents who stay together for life? Are men and women really different? Does it matter? These and other pressing questions of our day find answers in a new book by Ruth Institute President Dr Jennifer Roback Morse: The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Why the Church Was Right All Along. Here she answers a few questions of our own.





* * * * *

MercatorNet: Like every revolution, the sexual revolution (SR) that erupted in the 1960s has created a lot of victims. In the first chapter of your book, “The Misery of Modern Life”, you identify a number of them. Which types of victim do you think are the least recognized, even among those critical of today’s sexual culture?

Dr Morse: The victims of the divorce culture are almost completely invisible. I include the abandoned spouses, or reluctantly divorced persons, who would have liked to remain married, but were divorced against their will. Few people realize that under U.S. no-fault divorce law, the government always takes sides with the person who wants the marriage the least.

We do not even ask the questions that would allow us to answer the question: “how many divorces have a reluctant partner?” Since the book went to press, I have found evidence that suggests as many as 70% of divorces may have a “reluctant” partner. But the person who found this was not looking for it. He stumbled over it in the course of looking for something else.

The children of divorce are also socially invisible. They are supposedly “resilient,” but in fact they suffer for a lifetime. I also think apart from committed pro-life advocates, very few people recognize the health problems associated with contraception and abortion.

You also identify different ideological strands of the SR, concerning contraception, divorce and gender. What role has each played – first, contraception?

A good and decent society should do everything possible to separate sex from babies. I call this, the Contraceptive Ideology. Unlike many commentators who say things like, “The Pill changed everything,” I consider the ideology far more important than technology.

The ideology tries to convince people that sex without a live baby is an entitlement. All sorts of nasty things follow from that, including the depredations of people like Harvey Weinstein.


The Divorce Ideology is that a good and decent society should do everything possible to separate both sex and babies, from marriage. Behind this lies the idea that children don’t really need their own parents. Kids are so resilient that adults can switch partners and living arrangements without worrying about the welfare of their kids. But we know now that this is completely false. Kids do need their own parents. Deliberately separating kids from their parents without an unavoidable reason is unjust to children. In this section of the book, I discuss the children of unmarried parents, as well as children of anonymous donor conception. All these kids have tenuous, at best, relationships with one of their parents.

And gender?

The Gender Ideology started with “feminism” that stated that a good society should eliminate all distinctions between men and women. All such differences are socially constructed, and evidence of injustice. Therefore, society should reconstruct itself to eliminate all those differences. This is the thought process that led to the US federal government declaring that all colleges should have equality in sports programs. Since men are generally more interested in sports, the federal government went around shuttering men’s wrestling teams to create “equality.”

Now the gender ideology has morphed into transgenderism which says that a person’s bodily sex is less important than their idea of who they are and what they want to be. This has led to males who “identify” as female winning girls’ track and field events.

What unites these two versions of the Gender Ideology is that the sex of the body is unimportant and can be over-written with enough social engineering and medical technology.

You also identify the various “narratives” by which these ideologies have been advanced: “the march of history,” liberation, feminism, overpopulation... What is the relative importance of each of these?

Under the Liberationist Narrative, I list several sub-types, the Consumerist, the Orientation, and the Gender Identity sub-narrative. Important also is the (Stealth) Capitalist Narrative. I think most people can recognize the significance of feminist and various forms of liberationist thought. So here, I want to emphasize the others.

The March of History story is important because it wipes out all moral responsibility for anything: all these changes in society just “happened” like a force of nature. The Over-Population Narrative is significant because the population controllers provided the money for an awful lot of the subsequent stages of the Sexual Revolution. And the (Stealth) Capitalist Narrative is important precisely because it is “stealth.” In the first place people are making money from the Sexual Revolution.

Secondly – and importantly -- employers have benefited from having a whole class of new workers, eager to prove their worth in the market, and having few non-market alternatives. I am speaking of women, of course. The “careerist” branch of feminism basically delivered women into the hands of employers on terms that benefited the employers. Most people don’t notice that, until it is pointed out to them. And the fact that people are making money from the Sexual Revolution must be confronted honestly, if we really mean to create positive chance.

Against these you posit “the Catholic narrative” about sex – which is, in essence?

The Catholic Narrative directly challenges all three of the Ideologies of the Sexual Revolution. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that each of the ideologies challenged some aspect of Catholic teaching. The Catholic Narrative has the virtue that it can account for the failures and unhappiness caused the Sexual Revolution, something virtually none of the other narratives even considers.

We could summarize Catholic teaching from the perspective of children, in this way. Start from the premise that children are entitled to a relationship with both of their parents, in the absence of some unavoidable tragedy. How can we structure society to ensure children receive what is due to them?

Reason logically from this premise and here is what you get:

  • Form a lifelong plan for cooperating with the one person who will co-parent with you. That is the institution formerly known as “marriage.”
  • Only have sex with the person you are married to.
  • Stay married unless someone does something really awful.
  • Don’t attempt a “remarriage.”
  • Be nice to your spouse, so he or she can put up with you.

In other words, you end up with traditional Christian sexual morality. There is more to Catholic theology of marriage, of course. But at this moment in history, protecting the basic human right of every child to a relationship with both parents would be an achievement worth celebrating.

Many would argue that the Catholic narrative has been a notable failure, even amongst Catholics, who apparently contracept like everyone else and whose clerical ranks have harbored sexual abusers. Doesn’t this discredit Catholic teaching, or at least put it in the realm of idealism?

On the contrary: The Catholic narrative is daily being proven correct. The heartbreaking situations we see all around us are the direct result of NOT living according to the Church’s teaching. Thinking with the Church, embracing the Church’s teaching with enthusiasm is really the only possible way out of the problems we face.

We now know why so many clergy refuse to preach or teach on the sexual issues, and why so many dioceses have a lackluster record in this regard. There are way too many men using their position of authority and respect in the Church to pursue their private sexual purposes.

However, this makes it even more important that faithful Catholics take up the challenge of educating themselves, living the Church’s teaching, and sharing it with others. We can’t wait for the clergy to put their houses in order.

By contrast, hasn’t feminism, for example, been a great success, achieving much for women?

Define “success.” People reflexively define “progress” and “success” in terms of women participating in higher education and in the labor force on the same terms as men. But what has been the price of this form of “equality?” One of the first footnotes in my book cites a study of happiness. Women have been growing less happy both absolutely, and relative to men over exactly the period of greatest entry of women into the labor force. And, women’s participation in both higher education and the labor force had been increasing steadily since the beginning of the 20th century, well before “feminism.” I argue that we could have attained increased participation in higher education and the professions, without all the toxic ideologies we have had to endure.

Your basic thesis is that the sexual revolution “needs the state”. Why is that?

The Sexual Revolution is irrational. Each one of the ideologies is false. Sex does make babies. Children do need their parents. Men and women are different. Building an entire society around the opposite of these statements simply cannot be done.

That does not mean the attempt to do the impossible is harmless. Quite the contrary. Attempting to do the impossible requires a whole lot of power, force and propaganda. The “advanced” countries of the world are run by people who believe doing the impossible is a high moral duty. Therefore, they can always justify increased power for themselves. This explains the whole course of the Sexual Revolution.

Who benefits from our predominant sexual culture?

The “elites” as I use the term, include the rich, the powerful, the influential, in any field of endeavor. People like Warren Buffet and George Soros in our time, and John D. Rockefeller III and Katherine McCormick in times past, have financed the spread of the ideologies. Academics produce and promote the research. Entertainment elites of the likes of Harvey Weinstein create the propaganda. Their motives are varied but include the fact that some of them are making money, and some of them desire social permission to do what they want sexually without fear of social sanction.

If, as you argue, the majority of people never wanted the ideology of the Sexual Revolution, let alone its effects on marriage and the family, why haven’t they used the democratic system to get rid of it?

There are a couple of reasons. First, the propaganda for the Sexual Revolution is very effective. Most people do not connect the dots between these ideologies and the problems they and their families are experiencing. Second, the Sexual Revolution is very well financed. Warren Buffett, for instance, has given over $1 billion to support abortion, and abortion political advocacy. There simply are no funders of comparable size for the social conservative side of the issues.

Finally, the ideology of the Sexual Revolution appeals to some of our deepest fantasies about ourselves and wishful thinking about the world. “Everything would be alright, if we just allowed people to do whatever they want.” “I do not really have to restrain myself sexually.” “The problems in my marriage are my husband’s fault.” And so on. Pride is not only one of the Seven Deadly Sins. It is also The Original Sin. Every person is susceptible to appeals to their vanity.

In your closing “Manifesto of the Family” you list a number of things the government should stop doing, or start doing, and some that the rest of us could do. Would you like to talk about the latter?

In my 15-point Manifesto, the first 10 points are all things the government should stop doing, because it never had any business doing them in the first place. The last three points are really all about love. We need social encouragement for long-lasting love, inside the family.

The propaganda campaigns of the last 50 years have created a watered-down, almost unrecognizable redefinition of love. Starting with “Love the one you’re with,” in the sixties, down to things like “Love wins,” and “Love makes the family.” These are marketing slogans, designed to “sell” people on a program of political and social change. These slogans are not much help in hanging in there with our difficult relatives. For instance, people never stop to ask what happens to the family if the love goes away. Does the family disappear? Do the children lose their parents? The slogans can’t handle the questions. We have been chasing our tails, “looking for love in all the wrong places,” as the song says.

Agape love, the highest form of Christian love, requires much more of us. At the same time, that kind of complete self-giving love is the only form of love that can really satisfy us. Committed Christians have the best chance of offering the world what it is really looking for. That is why I believe my Manifesto for the Family can lead us toward a Civilization of Love.




Ruth Institute Will Be at Values Voter Summit with Its Petition to “Make the Family Great Again”

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., founder and president of the Ruth Institute, announced: “The Values Voter Summit (October 11-13 in Washington, D.C.) is the most important annual gathering of pro-family leaders and activists. This year, the Ruth Institute will be one of more than 50 organizations exhibiting at the Summit, which in the past has drawn more than 3,000 participants.”

“We’ll be bringing our newly-launched petition to Make the Family Great Again. President Trump campaigned on the promise to Make America Great Again. But only strengthening the family can help him fulfill that promise.”

Past speakers at the Summit have included: President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, House Minority Leader Steve Scalise, Col. Oliver North (ret.) and Dr. Bill Bennett. Find this year’s speakers here.

Original signers of the petition include more than 40 leaders from over a dozen countries.

Secretary of State Pompeo established a Commission on Unalienable Rights to advise his department in its dealings with foreign governments and international bodies, chaired by pro-life Harvard Law Professor and former Ambassador to the Holy See Mary Ann Glendon.

The Petition urges the Commission and the State Department to make these fundamental principles the basis for articulating unalienable rights:

  • Marriage and the family are universal institutions for the stability of society and the continuation of the human race.
  • Children need their mother and father.
  • Stable loving families provide the basis for strong societies, including thriving economies, national security and international peace.

In the context of international relations, the petition calls on the Commission to work for recognition of:

  • The right of every child to a relationship with his or her natural mother and father, excepting an unavoidable tragedy,
  • The right of every person to know the identity of his or her biological parents,
  • The right to life from conception to natural death, and
  • The right of families to educate their own children in their faith tradition and values, without being undermined by the state.

“We’re excited to take part in the Family Values Renaissance under President Trump at the Values Voter Summit. We believe our petition to Make the Family Great Again will be an important part of that process,” Morse said.

The Ruth Institute is a global interfaith non-profit organization equipping Christians to defend the family and build a civilization of love.

Dr. Morse is the author of The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Morse, email

Lake Charles Bishop and Mayor to Help Lead Annual “Rosary Around the Lake”

The Ruth Institute is proud to announce that Bishop Glen John Provost will lead the Apostles Creed and Mayor Nic Hunter will lead the first Our Father when the faithful gather to pray the Rosary October 13 at the second annual “Rosary Around the Lake.”

This event, hosted by The Ruth Institute, is in conjunction with Rosary Coast to Coast started by Fr. Heilman of Madison, Wisconsin, last year. October 13 was chosen in honor of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917.

“We are honored and grateful to have the participation of our very own bishop and mayor to start off this year’s Rosary Around the Lake,” said Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder and president of The Ruth Institute.



“Lake Charles is an incredible city in an area with a rich Catholic heritage,” Morse added, noting that many local businesses and professional offices have been promoting the event with signs in their windows and fliers for their customers. These businesses include The Center for Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, Mr. Bill’s Seafood, Hobgood’s Pharmacy, Great Harvest Bread Company, Big Daddy’s Sports Grill, and St. Luke’s Medical Clinic.

Last year’s event brought more than 800 people. “We expect an even larger crowd this year,” Morse said.

Rosary Around the Lake will be held at the northwest end of the Lake Charles Civic Center. Groups of 11 will spread around the lakefront, wearing ten blue “Hail Mary” shirts and one gold “Our Father” shirt. People will begin assembling at 2 PM. The recitation of the Rosary will begin at 3 PM, to coordinate with the national effort.

Participants are encouraged to register for the event here, where more information can be found.

The Ruth Institute is a global interfaith coalition to defend the family and build a civilization of love. “Whether you are Catholic or not, we encourage everyone to join us in prayer in his or her own way, for our country and for the world,” Morse said. “So join us Sunday, October 13!”

Find more information on The Ruth Institute here.

To schedule an interview with Dr. Morse, contact



Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., founder and president of the Ruth Institute, thanked the pro-family leaders who have signed the Institute’s petition to Make the Family Great Again.

“We’re grateful for the help of so many wonderful leaders, both here and abroad, who’ve been in the trenches of the fight for life and the family and are supporting the Make the Family Great Again petition,” Morse said.

The petition, co-sponsored with Life Petitions, calls on the newly created State Department Commission on Unalienable Rights to focus on the family in guiding the Department in its dealings with foreign governments and international institutions.

The Commission is headed by pro-life Harvard Law Professor Mary Ann Glendon, a former ambassador to the Vatican, and a natural-rights proponent.

Original petition signers include:

Ted Baehr (Christian Film and Television Commission), Fr. Shenan Boquet (Human Life International), Brent Bozell (Media Research Center), Patrick Fagan (Marriage and Religion Research Institute), Professor Robert George (Princeton University), Michael Pakaluk, (Catholic University of America), Jor-El Godsey (Heartbeat International), Mike Huckabee (former Arkansas Governor), Alveda King (author and activist), Steven Mosher (Population Research Institute), and Sharon Slater (Family Watch International).

Signers outside the U.S. include leaders from Trinidad, Nigeria, Malawi, Canada, Kenya, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Georgia.

Find a complete list of original signers here.

“This is a great opportunity for the pro-family movement to be heard with a petition addressed to a sympathetic State Department Commission,” Morse observed.

The petition notes that:

  • Marriage and the family are universal institutions for the stability of society and the continuation of the human race.
  • Children need their mother and father.
  • Stable loving families provide the basis for strong societies, including thriving economies, national security, and international peace.

Therefore, the petition calls on the Commission on Unalienable Rights to work for recognition of:

  • The right of every child to a relationship with his or her natural mother and father, excepting an unavoidable tragedy
  • The right of every person to know the identity of his or her biological parents
  • The right to life from conception to natural death, and
  • The right of families to educate their own children in their faith tradition and values, without being undermined by the state.

Sign the Petition to Make Families Great Again here.

The Ruth Institute is a global interfaith non-profit organization equipping Christians to defend the family and build a civilization of love.

Dr. Morse is the author of The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives.

For More information on The Ruth Institute

To schedule an interview with Dr. Morse

‘Ah-ha' Moment about the Sexual Revolution

by Bill Dunn August 21, 2019, at

Every once in a while, I have an “Ah-ha!” moment, when I read or hear something that really hits home. Recently I had such a moment when reading an essay by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, titled, “What do Jeffery Epstein, Harvey Weinstein and Theodore McCarrick have in common?”
In the essay, Roback Morse explains that the philosophy of the sexual revolution provided those three high-profile predators the cover they needed to commit their crimes for so many years. The primary tenant of the sexual revolution is this: everyone has the right to unlimited, consequence-free sex.

For over half a century now, our culture has embraced the idea that people are entitled to regular sexual activity that is child-free, disease-free, and emotional heartache-free. In other words, if it feels good, do it, and then walk away with no regrets.

The problem is, this view of sex is not grounded in reality. Sex is not like eating a donut or having a glass of wine. It’s not a simple little pleasure. Sex is an intensely emotional and physical experience. It is not a trifle to be toyed with.

The sexual revolution says people have the right to child-free sex. But when Nature says, “Um, excuse me, reality takes precedence over wishful thinking, and you are pregnant,” people suddenly declare that killing babies is “health care” in order to maintain the charade. In the meantime, the lives of over 60 million babies have been snuffed out here in the U.S. in the past five decades.

The sexual revolution says people have the right to disease-free sex. But once again, Nature says, “Ha ha, nice try, but reality says otherwise.” Gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, and HIV continue to plague our country, and the anything-goes sexual cheerleaders scratch their heads and wonder why.

The sexual revolution says people have the right to emotional heartache-free sex. However, the reality of the situation yet again overwhelms silly notions. The emotional aspect of sexual activity is even more powerful than the physical aspect. Jesus wasn’t kidding when he said, “A man shall cling to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” Two people become one flesh—forever. Sex is an amazingly powerful bond.

Countless people have had their lives shattered because they gave themselves, body and soul, to a sexual partner, and then were dumped soon after—sometimes before sunrise. It is emotionally devastating, and the relentless proclamations by sexual revolution proponents cannot and will not alter reality.

Our culture’s approach to sex these days is like giving hand grenades to 8th graders and then telling them to go out onto the playground and have fun.

Now, just to be clear, Dr. Roback Morse does not claim the sexual revolution created Epstein, Weinstein, and McCarrick. Throughout history, powerful people have coerced and seduced powerless people. But she explains that the sexual revolution greatly exacerbated these three situations, since the multitude of people who knew what was going on never did anything about it because they took a progressive “Who am I to judge?” attitude.

Roback Morse says when it comes to human sexuality, the Catholic Church has been correct all along. The only safe sex is between a husband and wife. Period.

The fact that the Church had it right all along makes the clergy sex abuse scandal, especially the revelations about McCarrick, all the more infuriating. If ordained clergy ignore the Church’s teachings about sexuality, then why should lay people pay attention?

Here is the very last paragraph of Roback Morse’s essay: “Be not afraid, believers! We are on the right side of history on this issue.”

This article was a strong “Ah-ha!” moment for me. The sexual revolution’s claim that everyone has a right to unlimited, consequence-free sex is at the heart of so many problems in our culture. I encourage you to look up this essay online and read the whole thing. Dr. Roback Morse is exactly right. Why? Because she knows the will of God and refuses to accept mankind’s foolish ideas, regardless of how popular they may be at this moment in history.

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