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The United Nations Advances the Sexual Revolution – What’s to Celebrate?

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. “The Ruth Institute will not be celebrating,” said Founder and President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. “What could have been a force for peace and understanding has led the war on unborn children and human reproduction.”

Since its founding in 1969, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has spent an estimated $20 billion facilitating abortion and forced sterilization campaigns worldwide. President Trump ended U.S. funding of UNFPA in 2017, saving taxpayers $32.5 million annually.

Morse explained: “At the time, the U.S. administration noted UNFPA’s complicity in China’s notorious one-child policy -- which included forced abortion and involuntary sterilizations -- affecting half a billion women over 30 years. The UN agency has held up China’s program as a model for developing nations to follow.”

Coalitions Director of the Ruth Institute, Don Feder said, “The United Nations Population Fund has sowed the wind and is reaping the whirlwind with its attack on human reproduction. Worldwide, the fertility rate is half of what it was in the 1960s.”

“It will be impossible to maintain industrialized civilization with declining populations,” Feder continued. “With pension costs and medical care for the elderly rising, and tax revenue declining from fewer workers, national budgets will be caught in a squeeze. Loneliness and suicide among the elderly will also rise. As it slips into old age, a whole generation will be left with no children or grandchildren to visit them in retirement – or one child a thousand miles away who may call them once a month. We can thank the United Nations for this human tragedy.”

Feder will be addressing population control and demographic winter at the Ruth Institute’s Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution, July 17-18 in Lake Charles, LA. Learn more about the Summit here.

The Ruth Institute is a global non-profit organization leading an international interfaith coalition to defend the family and build a civilization of love.

Jennifer Roback Morse is the author of The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies are Destroying Lives.

To schedule an interview with Dr. Morse, contact

Survivors Summit Covers Abuse, Addictions and Attitudes that Threaten our Civilization

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s disastrous Bostock decision, the Ruth Institute’s Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution takes on extreme urgency. The Summit, to be held July 17-18, in Lake Charles, LA, will analyze the many ways the Sexual Revolution needs the power of the State to do its destructive work.

Ruth Institute President, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., stated, “The Bostock ruling redefines “female” and “male” for purposes of law. The Obergefell decision redefined marriage. The Federalist Society vetted Gorsuch, appointed by Pres. Trump, who wrote the majority opinion. This terrible ruling shows that the conservative legal establishment has no idea how to address sexual and social issues. The Sexual Revolution attacks both the individual and the family. At our Summit, we’ll take a hard look at some of the most destructive pathologies the Global Ruling Class has inflicted on ordinary people.”

Expert presentations will include:

  • Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse – The future of health and the family depends on ending it. No one will do this but people of faith! Presented by Dr. Morse and Fr. Paul Sullins, Ph.D.
  • Surviving Pornography, as a nation, as a family, as an individual: Pornography as a Public Health Crisis, Melea Stephens (of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation) and Protecting Young Eyes: Tools for Parents and Other Educators, presented by Chris McKenna (of Covenant Eyes).
  • Surviving the LGBT Sub-Culture: Medical Issues – presented by Dr. Michelle Cretella, MD, of the American College of Pediatricians.
  • Reporting from the front lines of the Transgender Movement – stories from parents of gender-confused children, “desisters” (individuals who lived as the opposite sex and stopped), resistance within the medical profession and surprising new allies, presented by journalist Brandon Showalter.

The program will also include testimony from Survivors of the Sexual Revolution, as well as activists’ panels, question and answer sessions and general discussions.

Among the participants on the Surviving the LGBT subculture panel are journalist Doug Mainwaring and Pulse Nightclub shooting survivor, Luis Ruiz. Both left the LGBT subculture.

Morse observed: “After the Bostock ruling, social conservatives of all faiths have realized beyond any shadow of a doubt: we are on our own. Participants at our Summit will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of redefining the direction of the social conservative movement. The encounter with experts and their analysis, the first-hand testimony of Survivors, and the experience of effective activists, will inspire participants. They will come away with new friends as well as practical tips on how to get involved and make a difference.”

Learn about our Ambassadors Training here. Get the full run-down on The Summit here.

Catholic Bishops’ Coronavirus Responses Will Not Long Be Forgotten

COMMENTARY: When everything was shut down, some of our spiritual fathers seemed a little too eager to accept, and at times even exceed, the demands made by civil authorities.

by Jennifer Roback Morse

“The public will not forget what your business says and does during this crisis.”

I heard this sage advice at the beginning of the coronavirus shutdown from a friend who is an advertising professional. Those words apply to me, as the president of a nonprofit organization. And they apply to Church leaders.

Permit me to say. “Reverend fathers, the public will remember your words and actions during this crisis for a long time to come.”

Allow me to illustrate with a pair of contrasts.

Some clergy closed their churches reluctantly.

In my home Diocese of Lake Charles in Louisiana, Bishop Glen Provost suspended the public celebration of Mass with great reluctance. I was in the church at 6:30am Mass on the feast of St. Patrick when we heard the pastor read the bishop’s letter. The bishop and the pastor were obviously heartbroken. We all gasped but were not really surprised. Lake Charles was among the last places to suspend public worship.

The decree was carefully written and attuned to the sensibilities of the people. People learned that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass was temporarily dispensed. They learned that receiving Holy Communion would not be among the “usual conditions” for receiving a plenary indulgence each day for the duration of the suspension of public Masses. Bishop Provost knew that people would be concerned about these matters. He anticipated his parishioners’ questions and answered them in advance. The sacrament of penance was never suspended or limited, nor was adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

The clergy stepped up to the plate with creative ways of making Christ present to us. They provided daily livestreamed Masses and drive-up Palm Sunday celebrations. Children made their first Holy Communions and had May crownings.


Several priests drove the Blessed Sacrament around their parish neighborhoods. For instance, the clergy of Our Lady, Queen of Heaven Church rode in the beds of three bright-red pickup trucks. The pastor was in one truck, holding the monstrance, while the other priest and deacon held statues. They drove through the entire parish locale, slowly enough for people to come out of their homes and kneel and pray as Our Lord passed by.

These men spent nine hours in the back of those pickup trucks. To put this in perspective, driving east at highway speeds down Interstate 10 for nine hours would bring you to Tallahassee, Florida. Drive north for nine hours from Lake Charles and you’d be in Joplin, Missouri. Drive south, and you’d end up in Monterrey, Mexico. These priests knocked themselves out for their flock.


Do you think the people noticed? You bet! They came out of their houses to kneel on the street as Our Lord fully present in the Eucharist passed by. They prayed the Rosary. They created a “neighborhood Stations of the Cross,” with different houses representing each station, during Holy Week.

People throughout the diocese showed their appreciation to the clergy through cards and letters and chalk messaging on the church parking lot and drive-by “thank you” parades.


The leadership of the bishop supported the innovations of the clergy. The people showed their appreciation of their clergy and their bishop. This created a “virtuous cycle,” an upward spiral of mutual support, with everyone united by the love of Jesus.

Some bishops seemed a little too eager to close.

In other dioceses around the country, the people were not so lucky. Some bishops suspended not only public celebration of the Mass, but other sacraments, as well. Some dioceses issued confusing statements about the availability of the sacraments.

In fact, some of these directives were so carelessly written that canon lawyers had to jump in and try to clarify matters. Father Raymond de Souza wrote not one but two columns on the subject in the Register. Noted canonist Ed Peters commented on the overall mess:

“That a bishop could purport to authorize the enunciation of sacramental form for anointing by a cleric and the execution of the sacramental matter by a hospital worker gives some insight into what kind of challenges confront sound pastors and canonists these days. But, while that bizarre idea was shot down in a few hours thanks to the internet, a new mess has taken its place, one whereby a bishop thinks he can ‘suspend’ the celebration of the sacrament of anointing in times of greatest need!”

And the Catholic News Agency published a lengthy piece that included this subtle, yet pointed, rebuke:

“While no serious canonists question the bishop’s right — even prudence — to suspend the public celebration of the Mass during an emergency, the liceity of other suspensions is decidedly less clear.”

Apart from the confusion about canon law, these directives created unnecessary doubts and concerns in people's minds. What were the men in the chanceries thinking? Didn’t it occur to them that people would hunger for the sacraments? Were they unaware that the people of God would want clarity about what was required, forbidden and permitted, not to mention some empathy for the spiritual isolation that depravation of the sacraments can cause? These bishops have caused unnecessary pain to their priests and parishioners. And the most faithful, the most devout are the very people who are most upset. These are the very sorts of “public relations” problems that my friend in advertising warned us about.

I accuse no one of anything here. I merely report what I have observed. The people in these dioceses are in agony. What they see is this: While retail shops, gyms, and recreation outfits have gone to lengths to creatively respond to the needs of their customers, some bishops seemed just a little too eager to accept, and at times even exceed, extreme demands made by civil authorities. There seems to be just a little too much overlap with these bishops and those with reputations for turning a blind eye to Church teaching on sexual morality. And there seems to be just a little too little concern for the salvation of souls in these dioceses.

As I say, I make no accusations. I simply report. A vicious cycle is now operating. The people who take the Church and her sacraments the most seriously are the very people who seem to be forgotten by their shepherds. The more the bishops ignore these people, the less the people trust them.

As my friend said, “The public will not forget what your business says and does during this crisis.” Indeed.





Tragedies of the S*xual Revolution the Focus of Ruth Inst. Ambassador Training

As part of its 2020 Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution (July 17-18), the Ruth Institute will offer exclusive training at its “It Takes a Family to Raise a Village” Ambassador’s Conference on July 17, 8:30 AM to 4 PM, in Lake Charles, LA.

Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., explained, “We’ll train leaders and activists to counter the more toxic aspects of the Sexual Revolution -- to help them expose and oppose an ideology masquerading as a social justice/health campaign.”

The topics to be covered include:

Understanding the Global Sexual Revolution: Christian Anthropology, History and Social Systems Building a society around Christian anthropology promotes human rights and human flourishing. Presented byDr. Morse.

Medical Tragedies of the Sexual RevolutionTraditional Christian Sexual Morality promotes good health. Presented by Dr. Michelle Cretella, MD, Executive Director, American College of Pediatricians.

Social Science Evidence about the Sexual Revolution Social science research about post-abortion trauma, same-sex parenting and children’s needs for their parents. Sophisticated social science research supports Traditional Christian Sexual Morality. Presented by Fr. Paul Sullins, Ph.D.

Human Rights Catastrophes of the Sexual Revolution: Population Control and Demographic WinterDeviations from traditional Christian Sexual Ethics cause long-term, large-scale problems. Presented by Don Feder, JD.

Morse added: “The training will make participants knowledgeable and impassioned advocates for traditional Christian morality in the face of the Sexual Revolution.”

Participation at the Ambassador’s Training is by application only and can be applied for here.

The Summit will also include the Ruth Institute’s 3rd Annual Awards Dinner (July 17, 6:00 PM) and the main program (July 18, 8:30 AM).

Previous releases on the Survivors Summit:

All sessions will take place at Treasures of Marilyn’s in Lake Charles, LA.

Register here.


Ruth Institute: SCOTUS erases womanhood

Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. said, “The Supreme Court’s decision in Bostock v. Clayton County erases womanhood. It is the end of women in sports and women’s rights to privacy. Thanks to the Sexual Revolutionaries on the Court, our laws will refuse to distinguish men who say they are women from real women.”

The Court held that the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which was intended to protect employees from racial discrimination, applies to an individual’s subjective, claimed perception of his sex (so-called sexual identity).

Morse called the ruling: “A decision by an activist court which bears no relationship to the law it claims to be applying, nor to reality itself. The Supreme Court can distort the law, but it can’t change reality. If you’re born a man, you’ll remain one to your dying day, regardless of what you believe or do to your body.”

Although the decision immediately concerns employment law, bureaucrats and other activist judges will surely apply it more broadly. Morse warned: “Justice Alito’s dissent spells out the long-term consequences of today’s ruling. Bathrooms, changing rooms, sports, health care, housing, employment in religious institutions, freedom of speech, will all be distorted. A school district will decide that the ruling compels it to allow boys access to girls rooms. Sports teams will feel compelled to let boys who ‘identify’ as the opposite sex play on girls’ sports teams, essentially ending women’s sports.”

Dr. Michelle Cretella, M.D., Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians, agreed with Morse: “The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 against science, common sense and the bedrock of Western Civilization when it redefined ‘sex’ to include gender identity and thereby erased females from American law. From the scientific point of view, sex is defined according to an organism's biological role in reproduction; it is an innate and immutable trait that is solely biologically determined. Thanks to the betrayal of conservative justices John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch, all Americans and American institutions (including churches) must pretend that sex is a mere state of mind that can be changed at will. This means that all Americans are now compelled by federal law to lie - compelled by law to speak and behave as though people are whoever or whatever they claim to be irrespective of the facts.”

Dr. Cretella will be speaking at The Ruth Institute’s annual Summit for Survivors of the Sexual RevolutionJuly 17-18, in Lake Charles, LA. Her topic will be Medical Tragedies of the Sexual Revolution.

Morse concluded, “We can hope that a future court will reverse the Bostock decision. In the meantime, the fight will continue in other forums and on other battlefields.”

Cretella agreed: “The enforcement of this insanity requires nothing less than a tyrannical new order of government. We must resist.”

Awards Dinner Honors Heroes at Ruth Inst. Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution

As part of its Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution (July 17-18 in Lake Charles, LA) the Ruth Institute will host its Third Annual Awards Dinner July 17. The honorees are:

Public Witness Award: Sue Ellen Browder, author of How I helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement. As a freelance writer for Cosmopolitan, Browder became a propagandist for sexual liberation by promoting unmarried sex, contraception and abortion as the single woman’s path to personal fulfillment. Browder will also deliver the keynote address.

Activism Award: Cathy Ruse, graduate of Georgetown University Law School and past spokeswoman on human life issues for the U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference. Ruse is being honored for exposing the Fairfax Co., Virginia Board of Education for using a Planned Parenthood-endorsed Comprehensive Sex Education program.

Professional Integrity Award: Dr. Paul Church, Cornell-trained urologist, who worked for 28 years at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. In 2013, he was removed from practice at this and other Boston-area hospitals for urging them not to participate in LGBT events, due to overwhelming evidence that same-sex practices increase the risk of disease and mental health problems. He compared this to the medical community promoting smoking.

Ruth Institute President, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., observed: “Our three honorees have been on the front lines of the fight to expose and oppose the more pernicious aspects of the Sexual Revolution. They are all heroes, and we are proud of their participation in our Survivors Summit.”

The Summit will also include “It Takes a Family to Raise a Village,” an Ambassador Training Conference (by application only) on July 17, and the full-day Summit program on July 18.

Find more information on the 2020 #FightForFamily Summit here.

It Takes A Family to Raise a Village: Ruth Inst. Ambassadors Training


The Ruth Institute’s third annual Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution (July 17-18 in Lake Charles, LA), will begin with an Ambassadors Training conference July 17.

Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., will speak on Understanding the Global Sexual Revolution: Christian Anthropology, History and Social Systems. Dr. Michelle Cretella, M.D., will address The Medical Tragedies of the Sexual Revolution. Fr. Paul Sullins, Ph.D., will discuss Social Science Evidence About the Sexual Revolution. And Don Feder, the Ruth Institute’s Coalitions Director, will speak on Human Rights Catastrophes of the Sexual Revolution: Population Control and Demographic Winter.

“Our Ambassadors Training is a great way to gain the vital knowledge and skills needed to be effective advocates for the family and societal norms,” Morse said.

Expert speakers will share a wealth of knowledge on the harm done by current toxic ideologies, including background on how we got here, as well as strategies for countering new offensives.

Participation is limited and by invitation only. Those who are interested can apply at

Find topics for the upcoming Summit here.

Ruth Inst. Supports President’s Decision to Defund Pro-Abortion WHO

Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., applauds President Trump’s decision to stop funding the World Health Organization, which had been receiving $450 million a year from the United States.

Morse noted that the President cited WHO’s gross mishandling of the coronavirus epidemic and subservience to China. “But WHO is also an advocate of abortion,” she said. “WHO treats abortion as a necessary health service. Thus, it considers restrictions on abortion as a denial of health care.”

In a 2012 publication, WHO stated that 22 million abortions were performed worldwide each year under “unsafe conditions,” from which 47,000 die and an additional 5 million were disabled. The organization claims, “Access to safe elective abortion early in pregnancy could prevent nearly every one of these deaths and cases of disability.”

Morse charged: “WHO’s mindset perfectly reflects the abortion mentality, which itself is another aspect of the Sexual Revolution. Abortion is never safe for the unborn child. In its calculation, WHO doesn’t even take this into account. To it, the unborn child is a nonentity – a thing not worthy of consideration.”

She added: “In America, ‘safe’ abortion has led to infanticide – allowing the child to die after delivery – and the sale of fetal body parts.”

WHO is relentless in pushing abortion. At the last meeting of the World Health Assembly (WHO’s governing body), the Trump Administration was forced to disassociate the United States from language in a draft document that promoted what it called “sexual and reproductive health” as a human right. The U.S. delegation responded, “We do not support abortion in our global health assistance.”

Morse observed, “If WHO follows China’s party line on COVID-19, it follows International Planned Parenthood Federation’s party line on abortion. Surely there are more worthy recipients of $450 million a year in federal funding than an organization the treats abortion as health care.”

Ruth Inst. Third Annual Awards Dinner and Summit for Survivors of the S*xual Revolution – July 17-18, 2020

The Ruth Institute will hold its Third Annual Awards Dinner and Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution on July 18, in Lake Charles, LA. Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., said, “This Dinner and Summit will take those who’ve suffered from the Sexual Revolution from victimhood to healing, empowerment and activism.”

The event will be held live, in accordance with the gradual reopening guidelines for the state of Louisiana. Morse said, “We are not cowering in fear, wondering whether we will have a future. We will comply with all public health guidelines in place at the time. But we want the public to know that we at the Ruth Institute are filled with hope for the future. We will act as if we have a future.”

The Awards Dinner Friday evening kicks off the festivities. The Institute will give awards for activism and public witness, including a keynote address on How the Sexual Revolution Hijacked the Women’s Movement. The Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution on Saturday includes these sessions:

Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse – Statistical analysis and strategies for healing, including testimony from survivors of childhood sexual abuse, including clergy sexual abuse.

Surviving Pornography Addiction – Understanding pornography as a public health crisis, and offering strategies for protecting children.

Surviving the LGBT Sub-Culture  – Including health and psychological risks commonly associated with same-sex sexual activity and gender dysphoria.

Morse added: “Last year’s Survivors Summit was an overwhelming success. This year, we’ll be hearing expert input and testimony from survivors on a new range of issues associated with the Sexual Revolution.”

“The Ruth Institute is the only organization fighting for the family and exposing the interconnectedness of such diverse issues as divorce, pornography, sexual abuse, gender dystopia, the LGBT movement and the sub-cultures it’s spawned.”

Morse concluded, “Our Third Annual Awards Dinner and Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution will be about healing, hope and unity.”


The Ruth Institute is a global non-profit organization leading an international interfaith coalition to defend the family and build a civilization of love.

Jennifer Roback Morse is the author of The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies are Destroying Lives.

To schedule an interview with Dr. Morse, contact  

Ruth Inst. Rejects UN “Gender-Neutral Language” Manipulation

Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., said the United Nations’ attempt to make language more politically correct is “another advance for the Sexual Revolution and a further descent into barbarism.”

A UN bureaucrat recently tweeted that we need to make language more “gender-neutral” by eliminating the words “husband” and “wife” and substituting “spouse.” Morse noted, “Who controls the language controls the debate.”

“I warned ten years ago during the marriage debates that a necessary consequence of removing the gender requirement from marriage would be de-gendering marriage,” Morse said. “No more ‘husband and wife,” only gender-neutral ‘spouse’ or ‘partner.’”

Morse asked how far this will go. “This process also includes replacing the words ‘father and mother’ to the gender-neutral ‘parent.’ The words ‘son’ and ‘daughter’ become the generic ‘child.’ The end goal of the Sexual Revolutionaries is to remove all references to sex from law and custom.”

Regarding the UN tweet: “There was never a vote to switch from husband and wife to spouse, not even in the UN, where such a vote might have passed,” Morse said. “And there was certainly never a popular referendum on the question. Very few of the ordinary people who supported same-sex marriage had any idea that they were de-gendering marriage. Proponents of the Sexual Revolution are adept at infiltration and subversion of unaccountable bureaucracies.”

Morse urged: “Don’t let them get away with it. Once we start purging the language of gender-specific words, there’ll be no end to it. Each victory will whet the Revolutionary appetite for more. Today’s gender-confused children are, in part, a consequence of our gender-confused law and language.”

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