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ME Update: 11:14 EST

Yes on 1 is at 51.29% with 58% of precincts reporting. I so remember a year ago: the Prop 8 election coverage in the Golden Hall. My teenaged kids came down with us. My daughter came with a bunch of her friends, all high school students at a very orthodox Catholic school. They all wanted to do some counter-chanting, and demonstrating in opposition to the No on 4 people, as well as the No on 8 people. There were several ugly confrontations. I was scared for teh kids. If it had just been me, I wouldn't have cared. But I was really scared about my teenaged daughter getting attacked. So, at one point, she was up on a chair, holding a sign and chanting with a bunch of other people. A No on 4 person was pretty much right in her face.  For some reason, my daughter looked down at her, and said, "Cute shoes." The girl said, thanks, and told her where she got them.  That little moment actually defused a lot of tension. In any case, I was glad my husband was there.

ME Update: 10:21 EST

Bangor is now reporting that Yes on 1 is slightly ahead. this is SOOOO much like Prop 8. I will never forget it. We all went down to a hotel in SanDiego to watch the election returns. The only election any of us really cared about was Prop 8. We knew Obama would win nationwide, and woudl certainly carry CA.  We left the hotel and went to a place called the Golden Hall downtown, where all the media outlets were reporting the returns. I remember watching each and every little update and seeing the trend in favor of Prop 8. All our hard work might finally pay off. And I remember the truly toxic atmosphere in the hall as the Left began to come in, in organized teams, to chant against Prop 8, and especially against Pro 4, which was the Parental Notification for Abortion measure. The pro-aborts came in, wearing matching t-shirts, and chanting, in well-organized straight lines. It was creepy, and would have been creepy, no matter what they were chanting for. Ah, political memories!

ME Update 9:59 EST

The Bangor Daily News is doing soemthing squirrly: they reverted to their returns at 5% reporting. Now they are showing a server error, with no results at all. Ballotpedia is reporting the Yes vote up to 49.3% as of 5 minutes ago, 9:54 PM EST.  Watch this to see if it is a real trend. Everyone, keep an eye on the Bangor Daily News for election hanky panky. There is no reason for their server to go down, just as the Yes on 1 votes are going up....

Maine Update 9:42 EST

With 17% of the precints reporting, the count is now 48.7% Yes on 1, and 51.3% No. There is a trend in the direction of natural marriage winning this election. This is how it was during election night for Prop 8. The whole country was ga-ga over Obama, and we were just watching the Prop 8 numbers. They slowly tilted toward the Prop 8 victory that eventually shook the nation.

Watching the Maine Election Returns

So, far, with 14% of the precints reporting, the score is 47% Yes on 1, and 52% No.  I have no particular insight into which districts are reporting or not. Here is the link to the Bangor Daily News. For those who have not been following: A Yes vote on 1 is a vote in favor of man woman marriage, and a vote to overturn a legislative enactment that created same sex marriage in Maine. That is why the results are posted as "Reject Same Sex Marriage Law."

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