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ME Update: 10:21 EST

Posted on Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bangor is now reporting that Yes on 1 is slightly ahead. this is SOOOO much like Prop 8. I will never forget it. We all went down to a hotel in SanDiego to watch the election returns. The only election any of us really cared about was Prop 8. We knew Obama would win nationwide, and woudl certainly carry CA.  We left the hotel and went to a place called the Golden Hall downtown, where all the media outlets were reporting the returns. I remember watching each and every little update and seeing the trend in favor of Prop 8. All our hard work might finally pay off. And I remember the truly toxic atmosphere in the hall as the Left began to come in, in organized teams, to chant against Prop 8, and especially against Pro 4, which was the Parental Notification for Abortion measure. The pro-aborts came in, wearing matching t-shirts, and chanting, in well-organized straight lines. It was creepy, and would have been creepy, no matter what they were chanting for. Ah, political memories!
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