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Reversing The “Seamless Garment”

(February 28, 2020) Dr J is speaking with Traci DeVette Griggs on Family Policy Matters. Their topic is the "seamless garment," an idea that has had several meanings over the years. In the 1980s, it meant a consistent position on the life issues; more recently, it has been used as a way to downplay the horrors of abortion in favor of other issues. Dr J has some thoughts on this.


New Year's Resolutions!

We're about to roar into the 2020's. Are resolutions on your mind? What do you want to accomplish? How can we make the world a better, brighter place? Dr. Morse offers some action items and suggestions for New Year's resolutions!

Fr Paul Sullins, Ph.D., is senior research associate at the Ruth Institute, and his list of writings stretches past all of our arms. He's our guest this week to offer insights from his research on topics as varied as the recent clergy sex abuse scandal all the way to positive hope for the New Year.


This is an audio podcast of The Dr J Show. Full video episode is available here.


Escaping the LGBT Culture: Doug Mainwaring on the Dr. J Show

It's Friday, and this is an audio podcast of our weekly video broadcast of The Dr J Show. This week's guest is Doug Mainwaring, journalist, author, and activist. He works to promote the rights of children and strengthen families and marriage--tune in to this episode of The Dr J Show to hear how and why.


This is an audio podcast of our video project The Dr J Show. Full video episode is available here.




(October 25, 2019) This Friday, we have some urgent action items for you with regards to a breaking case in Texas. James Younger, a 7-year-old boy, appears to be being forced to live as a girl by his non-biological mother. He is in danger of being chemically and possibly surgically transitioned in addition to being forced to wear dresses, a train of craziness that began when he watched "Frozen" and liked the character Elsa. We're making available hotlines to Governor Abbott, petitions, and generally raising awareness, which may have an effect on Judge Kim Cooks' handling of this case. More details in this special breaking news episode of The Dr J Show.

Governor Abbott's opinion hotline is (512) 463-1782 or gov.texas.gov/contact, to reach Texas governor Greg Abbott. The Judge handling this case is Democrat Kim Cooks of the 255th Family District Court. The hashtag for this issue is #SaveJames. Keep the heat on!

LifePetitions also has a SaveJames petition, currently with over 76,000 signatures: Support Dad and Texas Governor's bid to save 7-year-old boy from being turned into girl

This is an audio podcast of our newest video project, The Dr J Show. Full video episode is available here.

Catholic Culture Conference 2019: The 3 Step Plan

(June 1, 2019) Dr J is one of the speakers at the Spiritual Life Center's Catholic Culture Conference in Wichita, Kansas. This is the last of three talks she's giving at the annual gathering, and it's entitled, "The 3 Step Plan."

If you missed her other talks from this event, check them out in our podcast stream.


Survivors Summit on Janet Mefferd Today

The Summit is almost here! One last podcast to tease it before we kick off at 5pm Friday: Dr J appeared on Janet Mefferd Today (last week) to give us a rundown of what to expect. Join us in person or on Facebook, where we're livestreaming the events and festivities in partnership with the Family Research Council.


Louisiana Profit & Loss

(January 3, 2019) Dr J was invited to speak at Profit and Loss, a Christian business group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. She gave a talk on the founding mission and resultant work of the Ruth Institute.


Fallout from the Sexual Revolution: The Catholic Current

(November 1, 2018) Dr J is a guest of Father Robert McTeigue on The Station of the Cross's "The Catholic Current." They're discussing the fallout and the underpinning ideologies of the sexual revolution.

Check out Dr. J's newest book, The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Why the Church was Right All Along, over at ruthinstitute.org or thesexualstate.com.


Lake Charles Report

(October 9, 2018) Dr J is a guest on "Lake Charles Report" from Radio Maria, where she gives a recap of last week's event "Rosary Around the Lake," part of the national project Rosary Coast to Coast. There were hundreds of events across the country and around the world. Check out their website to see more, and check out our Facebook page for the live stream, photos, and what's in the works!


Rosary Around the Lake on Register Radio

(October 6, 2018) Dr J is Jeanette DeMelo's guest on EWTN's "Register Radio." They're discussing the Ruth Institute's event "Rosary Around the Lake," coming up this Sunday October 7 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. It's part of the national project Rosary Coast to Coast, which encompasses hundreds of events across the country and around the world. Check out their website to see what's happening near you, and check out the Ruth Institute's Facebook page for a live stream of the event on Sunday at 3pm Central!

Rosary Coast to Coast
Rosary Around the Lake


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