Welcome to the Ruth Institute podcast page! This is one of my favorite places on the entire site! Here we've collected recordings of my speeches, interviews, and other programs for you to enjoy. Some of these podcasts are from live lecture halls, speeches or rallies. Others are from radio interviews. In all cases, you receive the benefit of the Ruth Institute knowledge and experience on all issues relating to the Sexual Revolution.

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Survivors Summit on Janet Mefferd Today

The Summit is almost here! One last podcast to tease it before we kick off at 5pm Friday: Dr J appeared on Janet Mefferd Today (last week) to give us a rundown of what to expect. Join us in person or on Facebook, where we're livestreaming the events and festivities in partnership with the Family Research Council.


My Life in Books

(October 10, 2018) Dr J gives her life in books she's authored as a 10-minute presentation at Business Network International. More information available in our store, but here's the list:


The Ruth Institute: Genesis and Ongoing Work

(July 22, 2018) Dr J is a guest of Hunter Forman on his podcast "Everything Like Such As." They're discussing the sexual revolution, the genesis of the Ruth Institute, and its ongoing work.

This podcast is a rebroadcast of two segments of Hunter's podcast "Everything Like Such As."



Healing Family Breakdown: Ann Arbor

(May 14, 2018) Dr J is once again Teresa Tomeo's guest on Ave Maria Radio's Catholic Connection. They're discussing Ruth Institute's upcoming "Healing Family Breakdown" workshop on May 19 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Healing Family Breakdown will be held at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan. More details here.


Harvey Weinstein, etc.

(October 26, 2017) Dr J is once again Todd Wilkin's guest on Issues, Etc. They're discussing the current sexual abuse scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein, California's new "non-binary" gender designation, and not-so-nefarious goings-on at the recent Values Voters Summit.

We made mention of the articles Dr J penned on the subjects: The Toxic Ideas that Enabled Weinstein and Others and The Medical Risks of Homosexuality and the Values Voters Summit. Also: more information on Issues's annual Making the Case Conference.



Veritas Conference

(September 16, 2017) Dr J was invited to speak at Lake Charles' Veritas Conference in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Her topic is the gender ideology.


Dr J & Al Kresta at Acton 2017

(June 21, 2017) Live from this year's Acton University, Dr J is Al Kresta's guest on his eponymous radio show from Ave Maria. Between workshops, they're discussing the issues related to the sexual revolution: a culture hostile to life and family, ideologies opposed to gender and marriage, and more.


In Person: Dr J on Morning Drive

(March 13, 2017) Dr J is once again Dina Marie Hale's guest on her "In Person" segment of Mater Dei's Morning Drive. They're discussing the genesis and work of the Ruth institute--how a purely economic model fails to account for the work of the family.


National Marriage Week 2017: 101 Tips on Morning Drive

(February 15, 2017) Dr J is Dina Marie Hale's guest on Mater Dei Radio's Morning Drive. They're discussing the Ruth Institute's newest book, 101 Tips for Marrying the Right Person, authored by Dr. Morse and Betsy Kerekes.


A Closer Look at National Marriage Week 2017

(February 8, 2017) Dr J is once again Sheila Liaugminas' guest on Relevant Radio's A Closer Look. They're discussing matters of the heart during National Marriage Week: 101 Tips for Marrying the Right Person, marriage, the effects of divorce on children, government and cultural pressures, and more.


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