Welcome to the Ruth Institute podcast page! This is one of my favorite places on the entire site! Here we've collected recordings of my speeches, interviews, and other programs for you to enjoy. Some of these podcasts are from live lecture halls, speeches or rallies. Others are from radio interviews. In all cases, you receive the benefit of the Ruth Institute knowledge and experience on all issues relating to the Sexual Revolution.

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The Ruth Institute: Genesis and Ongoing Work

(July 22, 2018) Dr J is a guest of Hunter Forman on his podcast "Everything Like Such As." They're discussing the sexual revolution, the genesis of the Ruth Institute, and its ongoing work.

This podcast is a rebroadcast of two segments of Hunter's podcast "Everything Like Such As."



The Decline of the Middle Child

(July 17, 2018) Fr. Paul Sullins is once again a guest of Drew Mariani on his eponymous show on Relevant Radio. Their topic is the decline of the "middle child"...but there's more to the story. Fr. Paul has the facts. Fr. Sullins is a sociologist and associate researcher at the Ruth Institute.


On Secular Arguments for Strengthening Marriage

(July 13, 2018) Dr J is once again a guest of Drew Mariani on his eponymous show on Relevant Radio. They're discussing secular arguments for strengthening marriage…and why they're not enough.


New York Times Op-Ed: Can the Catholic Church "Evolve" on LGBT Rights?

(July 9, 2018) Dr J is once again Todd Wilkin's guest on Issues, Etc. They're discussing the New York Times' op-ed calling for the Catholic Church to "evolve" its stance on LGBT issues to maintain its "moral authority."

Wait, what?


Study: Women "Hard-Wired" to find "Sexist" Men "More Attractive"

(July 6, 2018) Dr J is once again Teresa Tomeo's guest on Catholic Connection. They're discussing the recent study provocatively titled, "Women Find Sexist Men More Attractive." (The Daily Mail reports in some detail here.)


Live from Acton: Family Secrets and the Sin of Cardinal McCarrick

(June 21, 2018) Live from this year's Acton University, Dr J is Al Kresta's guest on his eponymous radio show from Ave Maria. Between workshops, they're discussing the recent controversy that has come to light regarding Cardinal McCarrick's sexual misconduct.


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