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AUDIO: Don't Use Their Language! Understanding How Words are Redefined

In this, our second Dr. J Show with Dr. Oas, she discusses the manipulation of words by organizations intent on increasing abortion, artificial contraception, and other forms of so-called "Family Planning." It is vitally important that we know what is meant by such misnomers as "reproductive health" and a myriad of other misused phrases. Dr. Oas also explains how scientific research can be manipulated for desired outcomes by organizations seeking to show an "unmet need" for abortion. She notes that the United Nations’ "non-binding" resolutions against marriage, families, and children, and in favor of promiscuous sexual "freedom," are in fact binding on the U.N. many international organizations, such as UNICEF and the U.N. Population Fund, and thus have a major impact worldwide, particularly in the Third World.

This is an audio podcast of The Dr J Show. Full video episode is available here; readings & resources below cut.

Dr. Rebecca Oas is the Associate Director of Research for the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-FAM), an international research and policy organization based in New York and Washington, D.C. She earned her doctorate in Genetics and Molecular Biology at Emory University. Her research areas include global maternal health and family planning metrics, and she has had articles published in The Hill, The New Atlantis and Christian Journal of Global Health.

Readings & Resources

A Not-So-Friendly Back-to-School Message

(September 9, 2021) Dr J is Jeanette DeMelo's guest on EWTN's "Register Radio." They're discussing President Biden's disturbing back-to-school video.


When will an open marriage make you happy?

(September 9, 2021) Dr J is once again a guest of Fr. Rob Jack on Sacred Heart Radio's Driving Home the Faith. They're discussing, among other things, an article on HuffPo written by a wife in an open marriage with her husband and his boyfriend, which is the subject of Ruth Institute's latest press release.


Removing Sex From Birth Certificates

(September 7, 2021) Dr J is a guest of Father Robert McTeigue on The Station of the Cross's The Catholic Current. They're discussing the American Medical Association's push to remove sex from birth certificates.


AUDIO: Why do we treat Doctors like Baristas?

Dr. Michael S. Parker, MD, KM is the System Medical Director for OB/GYN Hospitalists Mount Carmel Health in Columbus, Ohio. He is the current President of the National Catholic Medical Association. As a member of the Catholic Medical Association since 1999, he was a founding member of the John Paul II Guild and served as the original guild president. At the level of the national organization, he has served as Regional Director, Regional Director Representative to the Board of the Catholic Medical Association and National Treasurer and Vice-President.

This is an audio podcast of The Dr J Show. Full video episode is available here; resources below cut.

Dr. Parker attended The Ohio State University College of Medicine, receiving his degree in 1989. He remained at The Ohio State University to complete his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1993. Dr. Parker was in private practice until 2015 when he left to work for The Cleveland Clinic as an OB/GYN Hopsitalist. While at the Cleveland Clinic, he received certification in Peer-Peer Coaching and served as the Director for Caregiver Wellness for the Women's Health Institute of the Cleveland Clinic tasked with addressing the issue of physician burnout and productivity. Dr. Parker has spoken nationally and internationally on topics related to physician burnout, Natural Family Planning, infertility and side effects of contraception.

In 2004, Dr. Parker converted his OB/GYN practice to NFP only and is trained in all methods of Natural Family Planning, particularly the Creighton Model of Fertility Care. Dr. Parker is involved in mentoring medical and premedical students who wish to experience health care practiced in alignment with Catholic moral and ethical teachings. Along with Dr. Will Turek, he co-hosted the “Catholic Doctors Show” on St. Gabriel Catholic Radio, AM 820 for more than 5 years.

Dr. Parker serves as Medical Consultant and Board Member of The Women’s Care Center, a crisis pregnancy center in Columbus, OH. He is also on the Board of The Order of Malta Center of Care in Columbus, Oh, which is a collaborative effort between the Order of Malta and the Catholic Medical Association to provide free health care to the homeless and underserved. Dr. Parker is married to Teresa for 32 years. Together they have 6 children, 25,000 bees, and 2 dogs and an adopted black cat.


The Human Person and Gender Ideology

(September 2, 2021) Dr J is once again a guest of Fr. Rob Jack on Sacred Heart Radio's Driving Home the Faith. They're discussing a couple of witnesses to the truth: the Bishop of Arlington and the state of Texas.

Bishop Burbidge's document "A Catechesis on the Human Person and Gender Ideology" is available at arlingtondiocese.org.


AUDIO: This Pediatrician is Speaking Out against the Culture in Medicine

Joseph Zanga, M.D., a past president of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College of Pediatricians (acpeds.org), is a specialist in pediatrics and the retired Chief of Pediatrics for Columbus Regional Health/Columbus Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Georgia. Dr. Zanga was the Distinguished Chair and Assistant Dean in Primary Care at Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. He also served as Chair of Pediatrics at Loyola in Chicago, and Vice Chair at Louisiana State University (LSU) Medical Center, and as Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at both LSU and Tulane University.

This is an audio podcast of The Dr J Show. Full video episode is available here; resources below cut.

For a major portion of his career (19 years), Dr. Zanga served as an Associate Professor, then Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine, at Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia. During that time he was Chair of the Division of General Pediatrics and Emergency Care, Director of the Central Virginia Injury Prevention Center, and Director of the Child Protection Committee.

Dr. Zanga is author or co-author of over 30 articles, 15 AAP publications, 20 book chapters and monographs, and numerous abstracts, reports and letters to medical journals. Until recently he served as a reviewer for Pediatrics, Journal of Pediatrics, Ambulatory Pediatrics, Journal of Medical Ethics, and still serves as reviewer for the Journal of Palliative Care Medicine and The Linacre Quarterly. He was a member of the Board of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health and served an extended term on the National Advisory Council of the National Center for Primary Care at Morehouse Medical School. His most recent completed appointment outside the Columbus community was to the National Advisory Council of the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development of the NIH.

During his term as President of the AAP, Dr. Zanga focused on several major issues, including preprofessional education, workforce, child abuse and other violence prevention, substance abuse prevention, children and the media, sexually transmitted infections/adolescent health, and financial access to health care for all children. He also promoted the importance of family for the health and well-being of children. He continued with many of these as founding President of the American College of Pediatricians.

Married to Christine for 50 years, Dr. and Mrs. Zanga are parents to Catherine, a Charlotte NC, attorney (deceased 2014), and Joseph, Jr., a Medicine/Psychiatry faculty member at Duke and the Durham VA. They are also grandparents to four granddaughters and one grandson.

AUDIO: What Having a Trans Father is REALLY Like

Denise Shick is the founder and executive director of Help 4 Families Ministry. Help4Families networks hurting family members with resources, Christian counselors, and personal/group supports. Denise is the Administrator of Family Related Issues with TGIF (Transgender International Fellowship). She has served as a program aid for an alcohol and substance abuse clinic.

Denise is the author of four children’s books that help kids with gender issues in the family, as well as several nonfiction books, including My Daddy’s Secret, Understanding Gender Confusion—A Faith-Based Perspective, and Transgender Confusion—A Biblical Q&A for Families. She is an ordained minister and has a BA in psychology.

She has been interviewed on several faith-based radio and television programs. She is also a conference speaker and presents workshops on gender identity dysphoria and its impact on families.

Denise has led church-based support groups for people with sexual addictions and has assisted groups in an alcohol and substance abuse clinic. She served seven years in a Christian pregnancy center in several roles and implemented an abstinence program, for which she was the director.

Denise has been married for 26 years and has four children.

This is an audio podcast of The Dr J Show. Full video episode is available here.


Texas takes on Trans Surgery for Minors

(August 19, 2021) Dr J is once again a guest of Fr. Rob Jack on Sacred Heart Radio's Driving Home the Faith.They're discussing a couple of pieces of good news (both from Texas, incidentally) concerning bans on children receiving transgender surgery.


Andrew Cuomo, the Poster Thug for the Sexual Revolution

(August 17, 2021) Dr J is once again a guest of Todd Sylvester, Ellen Taylor, and Mike Romano on LA Catholic Morning. They're discussing Governor Andrew Cuomo's fall and Dr J's article about it in The Stream, "Andrew Cuomo was the Poster Thug for the Sexual Revolution."



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