One family’s journey: from unmarried couple on the brink of choosing abortion to a thriving family without the shadow of abortion’s loss.


Motherhood and parenting are an adventure, you need to laugh along the way! Watch an interview with Betsy Kerekes, author of our suggested Mother’s Day gift, Be a Happier Parent or Laugh Trying.

This Mother's Day...

On May 10th, we honor the women who have dedicated themselves to Motherhood, with all of its joys, struggles, and hopes.

We invite you to explore stories we have gathered about mothers: stories that celebrate the paths women have walked to become mothers, and others discussing the road these women are currently walking as mothers. At the Ruth Institute, we know and firmly believe that Mothers Matter.

Mother's Day Gifts

This isn't that parenting book. You know, the kind that makes you feel utterly inadequate and convinced you’ll probably mess up your little humans.

Instead, author, speaker, and mom Betsy Kerekes describes with unabashed candor and hilarious anecdotes that it’s not about being a “better” parent, it’s about being a happier one. Not when your kids are older, not when your kids are easier, but right now. (Today even!)

Get a copy for yourself and anyone you know who could use a good laugh (in other words, everyone)!

We also recommend Dr. Carrie Gress's beautiful latest offering, Theology of Home. Women are caught between a rock and a hard place. The world tells us that we are nothing unless we have intellectually demanding and high paying careers. Our hearts tell us we want to create a warm and comfortable home for our families. Dr. Carrie Gress has a doctorate in philosophy and five children. She takes a deep dive into the meaning of the home, and the vocation to care for and make the home.

Theology of Home features elegant photographs throughout. The book itself is a testimony to the power of beauty.

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This Mother’s Day, join us celebrating moms around the world who believe in the power of Family. There’s no better way to recognize your mother than giving to support families in her honor.