Share Our Public Service Announcements

The Ruth Institute regularly produces the Marriage Minute, a series of Public Service Announcements on every aspect of the marriage issue. 

You can help expand the Ruth Movement by encouraging your local radio station to carry the Marriage Minute.  All you have to do is send the Marriage Minute page link ( to your favorite radio station or radio program host. You will be providing them with a valuable service, which they will appreciate. And your entire community will benefit from Dr. Morse’s simple, compact teachings in the “Marriage Minute.”  Download a few samples, and send them to your favorite radio program.

Sample Message

Dear [Name of Radio Talk Show host], 

Everyone wants to have a happier marriage. Everyone wants to learn more about how to navigate the sometimes tricky waters of our sexual culture. Let’s face it: our sexual culture has become more and more toxic and difficult.  

Here are a couple of sample Marriage Minutes that I found particularly helpful. 

[link to 2 or 3 of your favorites] 

I hope you will consider running the Marriage Minute Public Service Announcement series on your station.  

Respectfully and sincerely, 

[Your Name] 

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