Time Frame: Four one and a half hour sessions conducted at your leisure, weekly; biweekly; or monthly.

Preview: Have you ever wondered how divorce impacts American culture? In this four part book club you will dive deep into the impacts that divorce has on American culture, politics, economics, and much more. You will learn how to talk about these issues to others in a non religious manner conveying both kindness and reason. Don’t let your indifference tear America apart. Become a part of the movement to end Family Breakdown for good.

How it Works: A host (maybe yourself) will invite people in their home, church, or even a library to talk about these very important issues. The leader will follow a very easy outline to direct the session in a positive manner. Attendees are encouraged to help out as well with different tasks!

What You Can Do to Get Started: Simply click here.


Our Hope and Purpose:

  1. Provide the knowledge to talk to others about the divorce culture and its impacts.
  2. Bring America closer to Jesus.
  3. Create a knowledge movement and bring this information to every American home.
  4. Give people the vocabulary to explain what they already believe.
  5. Deepen their understanding of the harms of family breakdown.
  6. Give practical tips for improving their own family lives.