Time Frame: Four one and a half hour sessions conducted at your leisure, weekly; biweekly; or monthly.

Preview: Everyone is made in the image and likeness of God. People who experience gender dysphoria or who consider themselves “transgender” are no exceptions. In this four part book club you will learn the terms and develop a deeper understanding of Gender Politics. You will learn the dangers of new words and gather the tools to understand the transgender movement and its dangers. Most importantly you will learn how to respond to people in the situations in a Christ-like manner.

How it Works: A host (maybe yourself) will invite people in their home, church, or even a library to talk about these very important issues. The leader will follow a very easy outline to direct the session in a positive manner. Attendees are encouraged to help out as well with different tasks!

What You Can Do to Get Started: Simply click here.


Our Hope and Purpose:

  1. Provide encouragement for people whose families are afflicted with these issues.
  2. To bring the joy and understanding of God’s image to those with gender dysphoria.
  3. Understand the difficulties of people wanting to de-transition.
  4. Learn the political jargon of the transgender movement.