Do your part to heal family breakdown! It's as easy as 1-2-3. Choose a topic that interests you--each one has 4 sessions, and we've collected all readings and a few other materials you might find useful. That's it--you're all ready to go!

Available topics so far (click for more information):

Why should you do a "Defend the Family" book club?

Great potential to heal family breakdown:

  • heal yourself from your own family breakdown
  • help to heal your family members and friends
  • provide family and friends with the tools and resources they're looking for to heal themselves
  • build up society’s support for the family so fewer families suffer in the first place. 

Other advantages:

  • easy participation: no financial cost, and very low time cost
  • builds friendships and community: face-to-face meetings, not just online or virtual (although we have those, too!)
  • easy to explain: everyone knows someone who has suffered from family breakdown, and most people want to help
  • helps keep the momentum created by big events such as retreats, speeches, rallies, or conventions. 

Would you like help brainstorming on how to host a book club? Download our planning worksheet.
For even more information, download our planning workbook.

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