Time Frame: Four one and a half hour sessions conducted at your leisure, weekly; biweekly; or monthly.

Preview: Marriage is a lifelong commitment. This book club will take a look at 101 practical tips on marrying the right person. From remembering to pray to discussing the dangers of cohabitation before marriage this book discusses it all. Learn the do’s and the don’ts before professing the “I Do.”

How it Works: A host (maybe yourself) will invite people in their home, church, or even a library to talk about these very important tips. The leader will follow a very easy outline to direct the session in a positive manner. Attendees are encouraged to help out as well with different tasks! This curriculum does require a book purchase: 101 Tips for Marrying the Right Person.             

What You Can Do to Get Started: Simply click here.


Our Hope and Purpose:

  1. Supply singles with concise, practical, and at times even humorous tips for marrying the right person.
  2. Give singles the tools to approach dating with confidence and joy.
  3. Encourage couples to discuss the more difficult topics to better build a strong relationship.
  4. Provide the advice for forming life long marriages.