Time Frame: Four one and a half hour sessions conducted at your leisure, weekly; biweekly; or monthly.

Preview: Marriage can be difficult, but happiness is achievable. In this four part book club you and your guests will go through 101 practical tips for a happier marriage. Journeying through this book you will rediscover the joys of marriage,sustain a more peaceful union, and increase in each other a deeper understanding of the mystery of faith. Strap in, you are in for a joy filled ride.

How it Works: A host (maybe yourself) will invite people in their home, church, or even a library to talk about these very important tips. The leader will follow a very easy outline to direct the session in a positive manner. Attendees are encouraged to help out as well with different tasks! This curriculum does require a book purchase: 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage.

What You Can Do to Get Started: Simply click here.


Our Hope and Purpose:

  1. Supply couples with concise, practical, and at times even humorous tips for keeping a happy marriage.
  2. Increase in couples their love for each other and Jesus.
  3. Inspire others to share not only these tips but their own stories as well.
  4. Encourage others to keep their lifelong “I Do” commitment.