This year, resolve to defend the timeless Christian teachings on marriage and family.

  1. Form a prayer group, if you haven’t already. Jesus said, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”
  2. Promise yourself: no more defeatist thoughts, like:“Western Civilization and the Church are collapsing. Everyone is corrupt. I can’t trust anyone.”
  3. Don't allow yourself to think things are so far gone nothing can be done. That leads to, “If nothing can be done, I’ll do nothing.”
  4. Stop reading websites that make you feel hopeless. Walk away from conversations that have no hope of changing anyone’s mind. Instead, find something constructive to do. Start by following this:
Dr. J’s 3 ½ Step Plan for Healing the Body of Christ and Culture Around Us
Everybody wants to make a difference, and everybody has a different way to do it. Additionally, here are some more of the ways our members, fans, and donors make a difference. Can you see yourself doing any of these things?
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