Welcome! You are taking steps to know yourself and improve your life. The Sexual Revolution has chewed people up and spit them out. We at the Ruth Institute are fed up. We say, “This has gone on long enough.”

Is this you? Does this describe your situation? Is this what you were told?
Child of Divorce Your parents were divorced.
  • Children are resilient.
  • Children don’t need to live with both their parents.
  • The children are fine as long as the adults are happy.
  • The children have no problem with the parents’ new love interests and new children.
Child of Unmarried Parents Your parents were never married.
  • Children don’t need two parents.
  • The children have no problem with the parent’s new love interests and new children.
  • Children don’t care if their parents are married or not.
Reluctantly Divorced Man or Woman
Your spouse wanted a divorce, but you wanted to stay married.
  • Divorce is always mutual.
  • Everyone is always better off after divorce.
  • The government does not take sides in divorce and is always neutral.
Reluctantly Single Parent
You wished your child’s other parent had been an appropriate parent: you would have liked to be a married parent.
  • No single parent ever wished that their child’s other parent would step up and be an appropriate parent.
  • Every unmarried mother is an undaunted self-sufficient individualist, who never really wanted to get married in the first place.
  • There are no single fathers.
Heartbroken Career Woman
You have a successful career, but fewer children than you wanted, and possibly are unmarried.
  • Successful, educated women can “have it all,” including marriage and children.
  • Every career woman has complete control over her fertility for her entire career.
  • No career woman ever feels pressured to plan her child-bearing around the needs of her employer.
  • Childless career women have no regrets about not being mothers.
  • Unmarried career women have no regrets about being unmarried and are never lonely.
Donor Conceived Person
The people who raised you used donor sperm or egg to conceive you. You may have lived with one biological parent and one “social parent.”
  • Donor Conceived Persons are thrilled to be completely “wanted” by their intended parents.
  • Donor Conceived Persons never have thoughts or cares about their biological parents or their biological origins.
  • Donor Conceived Persons don’t mind that financial transactions were part of their conception and birth.
Pornography Addict and Their Families
You or someone you love is addicted to pornography.
  • Pornography is a victimless crime.
  • No one ever gets addicted to pornography.
  • No one ever advances from “innocent’” pornography use to criminal or violent activity.
  • No family members are harmed by pornography use.
Post Abortive Woman, or Man
You are a woman who had an abortion or you are a man whose wife or girlfriend had an abortion.
  • No woman ever regrets her abortion.
  • Men don’t care about their aborted children.
  • Abortion solves all of the problems it claims to solve.
  • Men don’t want to be part of the decision to have an abortion.
Gay Lifestyle Refugee You have lived a gay or lesbian lifestyle, and now wish to live some other way.
  • No person who experiences same sex attraction has ever changed their behavior in any significant way.
  • Anyone who says otherwise is either deluded or lying.
  • Everybody opposed to homosexual practice is a bigot and a hater.
Refugee From the Hook-Up Culture
You have participated in the hook-up culture and now wish to live some other way.
  • Casual sex is harmless, as long as you use a condom every time.
  • No one ever feels used, confused, or disappointed from hooking up.
  • No one feels jealous or hurt when their sex partners have sex with others.
Cohabiter With Regrets
You had a romantic relationship with someone you were not married to. You now wish that you had done differently.
  • Cohabiting is as good as marriage, maybe better.
  • No one ever feels that they wasted years of their life cohabiting with someone who turned out to be not a suitable marriage partner.
  • Cohabiting is safer than marriage for women and children.
  • Couples who marry after cohabiting have happier marriages than those who do not.
People With Health Problems Due to Hook-Ups, Abortion, or Contraception
You have health problems ranging from depression to high blood pressure to diminished fertility that are associated with participation in the Sexual Revolution.
  • There are no health risks associated with casual sex, if you use a condom every time.
  • There are no health risks associated with abortion.
  • “Legal abortion” always means “safe abortion.” • Contraception does not have health risks.

As you read down the list of the Victims of the Sexual Revolution, keep these questions in mind:

  • Was I a victim of injustice?
  • Did I make decisions based on faulty information?
  • Are people I love being harmed by misinformation?
  • Are people I love being harmed by their own misbehavior or someone else’s?

Do you recognize yourself? Do you recognize anyone you know? Let’s focus on yourself first of all. Click on the Survivor that best describes your situation. You can go to more than one, for sure. I, for instance (this is Dr. J speaking) could click on Heartbroken Career Woman, Cohabiter with Regrets and Post-Abortive Woman.

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