Are you ready for the 7 Steps?  Take this quiz. 

  1. Are you fed up with the toxic sexual culture and would like to do something constructive?  
  2. Do you have wounds from your family life that you would like to heal? 
  3. Do you have loved ones who are struggling and you would like to help? 
  4. Are you willing to try something new? 
  5. Do you have 10 minutes a day to devote toward healing yourself, your family and the world around you? 

If you answered “yes” to at least three of these questions, you are ready to begin the “7 Steps to Sexual Peace.”

A welcome note from Dr. Morse

Dear Friend,

Millions of people have been harmed by the false promises of the Sexual Revolution.  Some people have built their lives around these lies. Others have been victimized by people who were living in accordance with these lies. Our culture treats the wounds of these victims as so much collateral damage, doesn’t it? 

This booklet introduces you to the 7 Steps to Sexual Peace for Yourself and Others. I am so glad you picked up this booklet. 

Whether you have been victimized, whether you have been an active participant in the Sexual Revolution, or whether you have been watching on the sidelines as your loved ones suffer, the 7 Steps to Sexual Peace process has the capacity to change your life.  

We approach the 7 Steps with an open heart, filled with hope for a better life for ourselves and others. We know there are far too many Victims of the Sexual Revolution: the Children of Divorce, the Reluctantly Divorced, the Heartbroken Career Woman, the Post-Abortive Woman, the Donor Conceived Person and many more.

I want you to know that I do not accept these situations as “normal.”  I will never accept them as normal, no matter how frequently they occur, no matter what anyone else says about it. 

This suffering has gone on long enough.  Are you with me? Use the links located on the right-hand side of this page to begin the 7 Steps to Sexual Peace.

Your friend,

Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.