Jim Havens


Jim Havens hosts The Simple Truth, a radio show/podcast that airs live on The Station of the Cross and the iCatholicRadio mobile app, every weekday from 4-5pm(ET). Jim is a fighter because he is a lover: of Almighty God and of people. He sees the devastation in real lives and families that is caused by the many popular lies entrenched in society, and believes there is none more serious than those that undergird the normalization of the ongoing, government sanctioned, daily mass murder of preborn children and the interconnected grave exploitation of pregnant moms in need for profit. Jim has been active on-the-ground in pro-life work since 2005. He has led and activated hundreds in local sidewalk outreach and recently co-organized The Men's March - the first ever national men's march to end abortion (themensmarch.com). Jim and his wife Becky homeschool their five children in Southwest Florida.