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Dear friends,

Yes, the secular experts can’t figure out why fewer teens are sexually active. You'll be glad to know that I'm not the slightest bit stumped. In this week’s article, I'm quoted on this new report from the Centers for Disease Control: “A lot of them are watching the adults around them and concluding that sex without limits is not making people happy, [particularly] those whose parents have multiple marriages and divorces.” Valerie Huber is also quoted in the article. Valerie is a long-time advocate of abstinence education and my good friend.The article also quotes an up and coming Young Turk of pro-life scholarship, Dr. Rebecca Oas of C-FAM.

I'm proud to say that I've introduced these fine allies to more than one reporter! Your support of the Ruth Institute supports this kind of networking, along with everything else we do!

We want you to be part of our Christ-like social movement to end the injustice and heartbreak of the Sexual Revolution and family breakdown.

Our strategy is to give voice to the millions of people who have been harmed by NOT following the Ancient Teachings of Christianity. Our Fathers in Faith have always interpreted “Thou shalt not commit adultery” to include a prohibition on sex outside of marriage. Thankfully, many young people are getting this message.

Our plan has two steps:

  • 1. Offer people help for healing from family breakdown.
  • 2. Encourage people to reach out to others, to offer them hope and healing in turn.

We have two new exciting things coming up, directed toward implementing this program.

First, we'll hold another Healing Family Breakdown Half-Day Retreat in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The first one in October was so popular, the chaplain at the Catholic Student Center at McNeese University decided to hold one at the Newman Center. Not to worry: it is open to the public.

Get more information here.

Register here.

And be sure to tell your friends, especially if they live in Louisiana or Houston.

Second, Jennifer Johnson, our Associate Director, has produced a new Special Report on Marriage and Equality. If you've wondered how to defend natural marriage against those who insist on “marriage equality,” Jennifer’s Report will be a great tool for you. We expect it to be available this time next week. Stay tuned!

And finally, if you live in Southern California, please consider attending the San Diego Walk for Life. The Ruth Institute will be there. We have been at every San Diego Walk for Life since it was founded in 2013. Please come  to the Ruth booth and say hello! Roman Catholic Bishop Robert McElroy will be speaking. Please come and support this great pro-life event.

Get involved. Stay involved. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Your friend,

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

PS: If this newsletter is helpful to you, please forward it to your friends. Invite them to subscribe. They'll receive a free download of the speech I gave in Hong Kong, called “Love into Existence."

Teen S*xual Activity Decreases: Secular Experts Stumped!

Think Millennials are the most sexually active generation in history? Think again, say the authors of a new study released on Monday.

The number of young adults born in the 1990s who report they are not having sex is more than twice as high as it was for the Baby Boomer generation, a sign they have learned from the fallout of the sexual revolution, experts tell LifeSiteNews.

The study found that 15 percent of Millenials aged 20-24 said they had not had sex since age 18, more than those born in the late 1960s (six percent), 1970s (11 percent) or 1980s (12 percent). That is lower than their fellow Millennials born in the previous decade.

Keep reading.


Nearly every family in America has been affected by Family Breakdown. You are not alone.

    * Are you tired of the drama, insecurity and lovelessness, and wonder how you can feel better?
    * Are you heartbroken and wonder what you can do to help your family, including your kids or grandkids?
    * Do you wonder how we got into such a mess and how we can recover?

Come to the Ruth Institute's "Healing Family Breakdown" Half-Day Retreat and regain hope! Put into practice the practical family-building virtues of mercy, empathy, and togetherness.

February 4: Healing Family Breakdown Half-day Retreat, Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Lake Charles, LA

February 25: Betsy Kerekes at the Family Institute of Washington's "Parenting with Purpose" conference, Bethesda, MD. Register here.

April 22: Catholic Women's Conference, Kansas City, MO

Can't make it these nights? Bring Dr. Morse to your event while she's in the area. Reply to this email to inquire.


Prayer Corner


Please pray:

* for my son to recognize his sins and repent, turning his life to Jesus Christ.

* for my husband to have deliverance from his addictions.

* for my brother, Homero, that he will be set free and come home to his family soon.

* that my faith in God by praying for the estranged marriage of my daughter and son-in-law for these past 5 years may not weaken even though there has been little improvement in their situation.

* for someone tempted by adultery.

* for my sons, G and E, that they may practice chastity in this over-sexualized world. Please pray also for M, my son's girlfriend and her family, for their conversion.

* for all the previous intentions that have been listed in our Prayer Corner.

* for the Ruth Institute General Intention for the month of January:

That families who have disabled children find the support and love they need from those around them, especially the Christian community.

If you have prayer intentions you'd like us to include next week, please reply to this email.
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